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Improved tests. The getattr(current_lang) test doesn't work anymore s…

…ince current_lang is now a property function.
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felixfontein committed Sep 11, 2015
1 parent 5de9795 commit dafa77fda2af62176c4996d02378496fed1ebe60
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@@ -214,8 +214,8 @@ def test_services_ensure_initialization(self):
def test_services_reject_dumb_wrong_call(self):
lang_11, loc_11 = LocaleSupportInTesting.langlocales['default']
self.assertRaises(Exception, nikola.utils.LocaleBorg)
self.assertRaises(Exception, nikola.utils.LocaleBorg.set_locale, lang_11)
self.assertRaises(Exception, getattr, nikola.utils.LocaleBorg, 'current_lang')

def test_set_locale_raises_on_invalid_lang(self):
lang_11, loc_11 = LocaleSupportInTesting.langlocales['default']

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