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Explain issue with #2934 in docs
Signed-off-by: Chris Warrick <>
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Kwpolska committed Dec 17, 2017
1 parent f2b0b76 commit dbe55d2976c799160ddf75e1961a6cd3e89e620d
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@@ -212,7 +212,11 @@ Creating a Blog Post
etc. Sure, you can just figure out the URLs for each thing and use that. Or you can use
Nikola's special link URLs. Those are done using the syntax ``link://kind/name`` and
a full list of the included ones is `here <link://slug/path-handlers>`__ (BTW, I linked
to that using ``link://slug/path-handlers``)
to that using ``link://slug/path-handlers``).

Note that magic links with spaces won’t work with some input formats (eg.
reST), so you should use slugs there (eg. ``link://tag/some-tag`` instead of
``link://tag/Some Tag``)

To create a new post, the easiest way is to run ``nikola new_post``. You will
@@ -1426,6 +1426,7 @@ def url_replacer(self, src, dst, lang=None, url_type=None):
link_kwargs = {}

# unquote from issue #2934
dst =, unquote(dst_url.path.lstrip('/')), lang, **link_kwargs)
# Assuming the site is served over one of these, and
# since those are the only URLs we want to rewrite...

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