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ralsina committed Oct 1, 2015
1 parent e6b1b5e commit dbec738841d1bc68b8393712df481e334170cf18
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@@ -64,6 +64,20 @@
# DO NOT USE unless you know what you are doing!

PY2_WARNING = """Nikola is going to deprecate python 2 support in 2016. You already have python 3
available in your system. Why not switch?
Please check for details."""

"Python 2 has been deprecated for years. Stop clinging to your long gone youth and switch to Python3.",
"Python 2 is the safety blanket of languages. Be a big kid and switch to Python 3",
"Python 2 is old and busted. Python 3 is the new hotness.",
"Nice unicode you have there, would be a shame something happened to it.. switch to python 3!.",
"Don’t get in the way of progress! Upgrade to Python 3 and save a developer’s mind today!",

def main(args=None):
"""Run Nikola."""

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