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Fix #1497
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ralsina committed Jan 13, 2015
1 parent 70d10d6 commit f085ddb2b60351d5b9fb4dcfc7be5fb555a5f61e
Showing 3 changed files with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ Features

* Turned minify_lines into a no-op (Issue #1497)
* Don’t classify unpublished posts as pages (Issue #1577)
* Fixed a ``TranslatableSetting.langformat`` race condition
* Fixed ``TranslatableSetting`` instantiation in
@@ -1319,7 +1319,7 @@ The currently available filters are:

Strips leading whitespace and blank lines. Useful for compacting HTML but pre-formatted text must be escaped manually.
**THIS FILTER HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A NOOP** and currently does nothing.

Compress CSS/JavaScript using `YUI compressor <>`_
@@ -149,9 +149,7 @@ def jpegoptim(infile):

def minify_lines(data):
datalines = data.splitlines()
datalines = [line.lstrip() for line in datalines if not (line.strip() == "")]
return "\n".join(datalines)
return data;

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Kwpolska Jan 13, 2015


destroy this semicolon and add a logger warning if possible

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ralsina Jan 13, 2015

Author Member

Logging from a filter looks rather impossible.


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