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Improving text. h/t @Kwpolska.
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felixfontein committed Apr 2, 2017
1 parent a2d3984 commit f3a00b21e4599caed0a3b83274cf4909f67065d7
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@@ -544,6 +544,6 @@ def print_compilers(self):
More compilers are available in the Plugins Index.
Compilers marked with ! and ~ require additional configuration:
! not used by any post scanner plugin (i.e. not in the PAGES/POSTS tuples for default plugin) (unused)
! not in the POSTS/PAGES tuples and any post scanners (unused)
~ not in the COMPILERS dict (disabled)
Read more: {0}""".format(COMPILERS_DOC_LINK))

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