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gour commented Nov 16, 2013

Another possible enhancement in Nikola to make it more capable of building larger general (aka non-blog) sites by having routes similar to Nanoc and available in Acrylamid...

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acrylamid-like filters #914

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ralsina commented Apr 18, 2014

Looks like we are not getting this done for 7.0.0 ...

gour commented Apr 18, 2014

Roberto Alsina writes:

Looks like we are not getting this done for 7.0.0 ...

Yeah, it maybe requires something like 8.0 if it is going to break

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Kwpolska commented Jun 13, 2015

I would like to see some sample usage of this with real examples, and if it really makes sense to implement…

Well, I'm also looking for a good static non-blog site generator. Despite so many projects being available literally none of them suits my needs (at least a few months ago, when I was reviewing most popular ones), nanoc being the closest one, thanks to its generic approach (unfortunately its written in Rubby, and I'm a Python guy).

What I need is a possibility to build a site structured like this:


With nanoc I can easily declare rules mapping my source files to destination files anyway I want (using so called routes). Here's an excerpt - rules handling image galleries (which can be anywhere in the source tree):

# If there is 'gl' subdirectory anywhere, it copies images in it as-is to 'hires' subdir 
route '/*/gl/*', :rep => :hires do
  item.identifier.chop.sub(/\/gl\//, '/hires/') + '.' + item[:extension]

# This compile rule thumbnalize those images
compile '/*/gl/*', :rep => :thumbnail do
  filter :thumbnailize, :width => 200
# ...and this one copies them with '.tn.' added before extension
route '/*/gl/*', :rep => :thumbnail do
  item.identifier.chop + '.tn.' + item[:extension]

Such routes gives me a lot of flexibility, as opposed to those site generators that enforce a site structure. If only it was Python, I'd look no further :-)


ralsina commented Jun 16, 2015

@codepainters Well ... you can do that site layout with Nikola as it is now, AFAICS.

Since when it's possible? Either I wasn't looking to carefully at that time, or it wasn't yet there, or it wasn't obvious :)

I remember reading this very page:
If I remember correctly, I (perhaps incorrectly) assumed that source files for the pages need to be stored flat in a single directory (and I don't want to add multiple tuples to PAGES), this very line in the config made me believe so:

PAGES = [("pages/*.txt", "", "story.tmpl")]

What I'd really like is to have a source tree matching the URL tree - is that possible? Or even better - have control over this source path <-> URL mapping, and that's exactly where nanoc shines.


ralsina commented Jun 16, 2015

@codepainters No, no need to keep pages/ flat. You can have as many levels as you want there and they will appear in the same place in the output.

So, with that same PAGES you have there, pages/foo/bar.txt will appear in output/foo/bar.html (assuming its slug is also bar)


Kwpolska commented Jun 16, 2015

Also, if you set PRETTY_URLS=True, you can get /projects/foo/downloads/ with pages/projects/foo/downloads.rst (slug=downloads). And if you want a .tar.gz to go in that directory, that would be files/projects/foo/downloads/foo-0.1.0.tar.gz.

(.rst is a better extension than .txt)

So it seems I wasn't persistent enough experimenting with it (it was quite some time ago, and I no longer remember all the gory details).

Adding a "hierarchical" sample to the tutorial would be a great addition then, as it is not obvious if this is supported (and, as most static site generators suck when it comes to non-blog sites, it'd be a great selling point).


ralsina commented Jun 16, 2015

We have an open issue to create better and more example sites :-)


Kwpolska commented Jun 16, 2015

We could also add your comment about flat pages mashed with mine to both the manual and the notablog tutorial.

ralsina self-assigned this Sep 15, 2015


ralsina commented Sep 15, 2015

I'll try to document this tomorrow.


Kwpolska commented Sep 15, 2015

Bonus points for landing it before the release.

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@ralsina ralsina added note mentioned in #915 f5f3cd2

tritium21 commented Jun 23, 2016

Is this still open for a reason? It looks like the Nikola way of doing non-blog sites is well and truly implemented, unless I am missing something?


Kwpolska commented Jun 23, 2016

Those routes seem like a way to complicate things anyway and generally don’t work with our idea of things. I’ll close this.

Kwpolska closed this Jun 23, 2016

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