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Gallery titles broken (again) #919

rogerbinns opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Nikola version 6.2.1

See as an example and mouse over images to see unexpected titles

In I have:


Directory listing for that gallery:

01_The Boardwalk and beach.JPG
02_First of several old cars.JPG
10_One of several speakers at the Wharf centential event.JPG
11_They weren't paying attention.JPG
12_Prime sunbathing spot.JPG
14_Not many out on the water.JPG
15_View of boardwalk from wharf.JPG
16_Long marine lab lookout back into town.JPG
17_There were some birds.JPG
18_a lot of birds.JPG
19_Far too many.JPG
20_At the beach.JPG
21_Some surfers and those who climbed the barriers.JPG

It used to show whatever was after the number.

Possibly pertinent - I changed things so that my top level galleries directory is now a symlink to a directory in dropbox

Nikola, a static site generator member

The question is, what do you want those tooltips to say?

galleries/2013 Santa Cruz Day/01_The Boardwalk and beach.JPG becoming Galleries/2013 santa cruz day/01 the boardwalk and beach looks sanely.


The number should not be shown - it is purely there for ordering purposes as required by my two settings. In previous Nikola versions it was not shown.

"Galleries" is unnecessary and confusing.

The album title is noise when looking at the album page.

I would expect it to show only what is after the number, which is the empty string for some of those.

Nikola, a static site generator member


You mean the "Galleries" at the crumb bar. It's not unnecessary, it's the way to go back to your gallery list.

If by "the album name" you mean in the same crumb bar, sorry, that's the convention, the whole path is displayed.

AFAICS currently that page is not showing image titles at all, is USE_FILENAME_AS_TITLE still true?

Nikola, a static site generator member

he means tooltips on hovering images, not the crumb bar.

Nikola, a static site generator member

@Kwpolska good to know, yes, that's a bug. Easier to figure out when, you know, it's described all in one place ;-)

I'll fix tonight.

@ralsina ralsina was assigned

Does gallery sorting use exactly the same code (ie order on /galleries/ page)? I see an option GALLERY_SORT_BY_DATE but it isn't clear if USE_FILENAME_AS_TITLE also applies to galleries. Because I moved my gallery folders into dropbox the date from the filesystem is no longer reliable. Using exif data is more reliable but there is still the issue of picking the oldest, newest or average value when there are multiple files in a directory.

Nikola, a static site generator member

I think this is fixed now and has been for a while. A quick check of a build of the demo site confirms it: has the correct tooltips.

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