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publication_list: Add more explanation on the BibTeX entries.
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xuhdev committed Feb 28, 2017
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@@ -31,9 +31,16 @@ The `publication-list` directive accepts multiple options.
provided by [Pybtex][]. You can see the [list of styles][] in the Pybtex
repository. The default style is `unsrt`.

Besides the options available above, if a publication entry has specified a
"pdf" field with a URL to a pdf file, a "pdf" link will be shown below the
In the BibTeX file entries, the following fields have special meanings.

* `abstract` is the abstract of the paper. If it is present, the abstract will
be available in the details page.
* `fulltext` is the URL to the full text of the paper (usually a PDF file). If
it is present, a "full text" link will be shown below the publication and the
PDF file will be embedded in the details page.
* Fields starting with `customlink` will add custom links below the publication.
For example, `customlinkslides` will add a link `[slides]` to the URL of the
value of the field.

If you need math support, please add the following to your `EXTRA_HEAD_DATA`
option in your `` file, then every math equation surrounded by `\(` and

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