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Roberto Alsina committed May 24, 2017
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A plugin to create "related posts" data.

This plugin uses [gensim]( to
analyze your posts and find which ones are similar to one another.

The scoring mechanism is "inspired" by [YARPP](
and takes into account the title, tags and content of a post.

For each post there will be a JSON file with the additional data.
For example, if your post is in `output/foo/bar.html` then
the related posts data will be in `output/foo/bar.html.related.json`
and looks like this:

"detailed_score": [
"score": 1.8999971389770507,
"title": "The Long Post About PyCamp 2012",
"url": "/posts/the-long-post-about-pycamp-2012.html"
... ]

The `detailed_score` is the score from tag, title, and body similarity.


* This will make your builds slower.

* There is a considerable and somewhat unavoidable startup cost.
* Any change in any post involves recalculating the
similarity data for **all** posts.
* The more translations you have, the longer it takes.
* My test site contains 1300 posts of varied lengths in 2 languages,
and initialization takes ~90 seconds.

* You will need to hack your templates to load the
similarity data and display it to the user.

**TODO** Add example JS to load and display data

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