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Added LaTeX page compiler plugin.
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This plugin allows to write posts and pages in a LaTeX-like syntax.

For Python before 3.4, you need to install the [`enum34` library]( From Python 3.4 on, it is part of the language.


There are two available formulae backends:

* one based on the [`latex_formula_renderer` plugin](;
* one based on [MathJax](

The first plugin allows special features the second doesn't:

* `align` environments (see the [AMSMath documentation](;
* XY-pic diagrams (see the [XY-Pic user guide](;
* PSTricks graphics (see [here]( for more information);
* TikZ pictures (see [here]( for more information).

You need an installed LaTeX distribution for this to work, with some extra tools. See the `latex_formula_renderer` plugin for details.

Required Translations

You need to add the following translations to your theme if you use theorem environments:
``` .py
'math_thm_name': 'Theorem',
'math_prop_name': 'Proposition',
'math_cor_name': 'Corollary',
'math_lemma_name': 'Lemma',
'math_def_name': 'Definition',
'math_defs_name': 'Definitions',
'math_proof_name': 'Proof',
'math_example_name': 'Example',
'math_examples_name': 'Examples',
'math_remark_name': 'Remark',
'math_remarks_name': 'Remarks',
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# Determines how the formulae are rendered. Possibilities:
# - "latex_formula_image_renderer": renders formulae as graphics and includes them.
# - "latex_formula_mathjax": inserts MathJax code.
LATEX_FORMULA_RENDERER = "latex_formula_image_renderer"

# When "latex_formula_image_renderer" is selected as the formula renderer,
# the formulae colors and scale can be set here:
# The color must be given as an RGB triple with components in range [0, 1].
# Here, (0, 0, 0) is black and (1, 1, 1) is white.
LATEX_FORMULA_COLOR = (0., 0., 0.)
# The formula scale determines the effective size of the formulae.
# Check what looks good with your theme's main font.

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Name = latex
Module = latex

PluginCategory = PageCompiler

Author = Felix Fontein
Version = 0.1
Website =
Description = Compile LaTeX-similar text to HTML

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