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The `latex_formula_renderer` plugin provides a static LaTeX formula rendering infrastructure, generating images which can be included in a website and do not depend on client-side rendering of formulae (as with [MathJax]( and [KaTeX]( This plugin is not for end-users, but provided as a service for other plugins which can use it to not having to define their own formula-rendering functionality.

The plugin has support for

* inline formulae, display-style formulae,
* `align` environments (see the [AMSMath documentation](,
* XY-pic diagrams (in `xymatrix` environments inside any of the previous; see the [XY-Pic user guide](,
* pstricks graphics (see [here]( for more information), and for
* tikzpicture graphics (see [here]( for more information).

It allows to generate formulae in different output formats:

* as `.png` bitmap images;
* as `.svg` vector graphics;
* as compressed `.svgz` vector graphics.

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