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The latex_formula_renderer plugin provides a static LaTeX formula rendering infrastructure, generating images which can be included in a website and do not depend on client-side rendering of formulae (as with MathJax and KaTeX). This plugin is not for end-users, but provided as a service for other plugins which can use it to not having to define their own formula-rendering functionality. As an example of its usage, take a look at the LaTeX compiler plugin.

The plugin has support for

  • inline formulae, display-style formulae,
  • align environments (see the AMSMath documentation),
  • XY-pic diagrams (in xymatrix environments inside any of the previous; see the XY-Pic user guide),
  • pstricks graphics (see here for more information), and for
  • tikzpicture graphics (see here for more information).

It allows to generate formulae in different output formats:

  • as .png bitmap images;
  • as .svg vector graphics;
  • as compressed .svgz vector graphics.

The generated images do not require the user to have a certain font installed, and should render the same in all browsers and on all output devices (assuming they support the chosen graphics format and don't screw up basic things).

To see how the plugin can be used, please check out the docstring of LaTeXFormulaRendererPlugin in latex_formula_renderer.py.