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ODK Collect v1.15.0
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@yanokwa yanokwa released this
· 9091 commits to master since this release

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  • Dark theme (General Settings > User interface)
  • Form updates can trigger notifications and background downloads (General Settings > Form management)
  • Attach any file on device with question type: file
  • Geopoint dialog shows satellites used and time elapsed for troubleshooting
  • Location altitude and accuracy columns supported for Google Sheets
  • Larger color picker for draw, annotate, signature questions


  • #1848 Introduce new-front alias for image selfie appearance
  • #2018 Support for escaping * and _ and # in forms using \* and \_ and \#
    • Didicodes @edyasikpo
  • #836 Use snackbar instead of top status bar to report form load status
  • #1907 Larger color picker for draw, annotate, signature questions
  • #93 Dark theme
  • #2153 Question type to attach files of any type
  • #54 Display number of satellites and time elapsed in location dialog
  • #2007 Guidance hints
  • #1052 Add altitude and accuracy columns for geopoints with Google Sheets server
  • #1668 Notifications of form updates (off by default, must be configured)
  • #644 Check for storage permissions on Android 6.0+
  • getodk/javarosa#273 Randomize order of select choices
  • getodk/javarosa#277 distance() function to calculate distance between points in a repeat, in a geoshape or a geotrace.


  • #2124 Attempt to getDisplayText() on a null object reference
  • #2113 Audit log: end time not included in jump event
  • #2111 Audit log: end screen event doesn't show end time when followed by constraint error
  • #2134 audit.csv file is affected when opening a sent form from the View Sent Form list
  • #2136 "jump" event is not logged after opening saved form despite the fact that we start from the HierarchyView
  • #1262 SeekBar not visible on vertical range widget, Android 7.0
  • #2129 null when attempting to get database
  • #2115 The min value appears in RangeWiget for a moment even if we select a different value
  • #2049 Media files are lost when user changes them but then ignores the changes
  • #1981 RTL writing system is not visible on all views
  • #2107 Only allow clicks on image map that is in the choices list
  • #1695 pulldata doesn't work on external CSVs with ^M as line ending characters
  • #1976 There are no separator lines in SelectOneSearchWidget
  • #1181 Message in header overlaps location icon on GeoPoint view with map
  • #2131 Select All button is disabled when all forms were downloaded
  • #2151 Cannot choose an image from GD on Samsung Galaxy S4
  • #1777 Submission is doubled on Google Sheets if the user minimize app during sending and Do not keep activities option is turned on
  • #2153 Toggle button in "Send Finalized Form" and "Delete Saved Form"
  • #2174 Reduce length of form update text
  • #1741 'Connecting to Server' dialog is not closed automatically if user changes device orientation
  • #2068 Replace icons used in geo activities using vectors
  • #2147 Scrolling to the current question doesn't work after opening the HierarchyView if a question is in a field-list
  • #2167 User is not able to see the form download results when app is minimized
  • #1401 Short label form is not respected
  • #2156 Show GPS as all caps
  • #2112 Field list questions are shown on separate screens after jump because of constraint error
  • #943 Reduce widget redundancy
  • #2191 Fixed crash in Import/Export settings
  • #2171 Selected forms are automatically unselected when user clicks on search icon on Send Finalized Form
  • #2199 Dropdown icon in Server Settings is black in Dark theme
  • #2165 Describe how best to support light and dark themes when adding UI components
  • getodk/javarosa#314 Collect runtime error when trying to access ZoneId
  • #2221 Show full media URL in gsheets integration instead of hyperlink formula
  • #1694 All form versions are visible and available
  • #2109 Add an analytics event to find out how often ActivityLogger is enabled
  • #1753 Notification icon is not consistent on all Android versions
  • #2213 Lighten select_one popups
  • #2118 Highlight question that has caused validation error in field list
  • #2101 Media layout doesn't work as expected in RTL locales #2101
  • #2003 Exception java.util.IllegalFormatConversionException: %d can't format java.lang.String arguments
  • #1124 Invalid geoshape
  • #2234 Resolved error that caused FormEntryActivity to go to the FormChooser List
  • #2238 XmlPullParserException: Binary XML file line 1: invalid drawable tag vector

Thanks to @CRMinges, @grzesiek2010, and @huangyz0918 for making improvements to code quality, documentation, testing and open source culture! And as always, big thanks to @kkrawczyk123 and @mmarciniak90 for their quality assurance.