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ODK Collect v1.29.0

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@lognaturel lognaturel released this 17 Dec 21:54
· 7136 commits to master since this release



  • #4227 Fixed the Record a point button
  • #4203 Fixed columns-pack appearance
  • #4177 Restore exif data after rotate or resize
  • #3975 Improve structure and tests for date and time widgets
  • #4169 Fix sort by displaying unexpectedly issue after using map button or search icon
  • #3937 Improve structure and tests for rating widget
  • #4195 Fixed map icon button
  • #4207 Fix crash in case of form filling error without a JavaRosa message
  • #4201 Fix displaying recordings over an hour
  • #4199 Fixed launchIntentButton's style
  • #4175 Scale icons on form entry and hierarchy screens to match others
  • #3922 Improve structure and tests for geotrace and geoshape widgets
  • #4040 Isolate MultiFormDownloader
  • #4065 Improved displaying choices with columns-pack appearance
  • #4141 Alternative fix for redownloading delete forms from Google Drive
  • #4164 Fix margin for buttons
  • #4130 Remove extra spacing from question widget and help layout
  • #3969 Add XML layout and tests for range widgets
  • #4136 #4120 Prevent multiple clicks
  • #4117 Update dependencies
  • #4112 Fixed padding in choices
  • #4042 Add tests and improve structure for bearing widget
  • #4032 Add tests and improve structure for barcode widget
  • #4226 Trust root certificate that will root all certs issued by Let's Encrypt after Sept 2021
  • #4230 Expose more information in HEAD request error
  • #4243 Explicitly address repeat in field-list error case
  • #4225 Ensure all download errors result in a dialog
  • #4255 Keep external recording as the default
  • #4242 Fixed: Minimal appearance doesn't work with "fast external itemsets"
  • #4252 Fixed closing cursor
  • #4251 Reorder strings to group by usage
  • #4265 Fixed reading path from uri if _data column does not exist
  • #4244 Allow recording configuration to be hidden or shown by admin
  • #4228 Fixed: Read-only binary questions have no spacing below the question text
  • #4249 Unsaved recent files should be deleted if a user ignores changes
  • #4273 Revert Google Services to pick up correct config
  • #4261 Allow user to recover from multiple forms with same formid/version and prevent their future download
  • #4277 Collect crashes when user tries to download form via external app if URL settings are not set
  • #4274 Fixed creating multiple files for recording selfie videos
  • #4257 User is able to open two different views from the main screen
  • #4289 Make sure screen reloads when preferences are changed
  • #4276 Always allow downloading of form that matches form_id and version of form already on device
  • #4291 Fix crash when stop/pause pressed at the same time while recording
  • #4296 Fixed bugs in SelectMultiMinimalWidget
  • #4304 Downgrade mapbox-android-plugin-annotation
  • #4307 Prevent crash when Collect goes out of memory while deleting instances
  • #4301 Show error when starting recording while mic in use
  • #4316 Make sure external recording is blocked when internal recording in progress
  • #4318 Exclude admin password from QR codes when requested
  • #4308 Do not show keyboard for readonly select widgets with autocomplete appearance
  • #4320 Catch exceptions that might take place during opening uris


  • #4025 Remove Answer Text View in Url Widget
  • #4191 Remove identifiers Android no longer provides (IMEI, subscriber ID, SIM serial)