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ODK Collect v1.30.0

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@lognaturel lognaturel released this 23 Feb 17:18
· 4690 commits to master since this release



  • #4329 Update dependencies
  • #4333 Make sure form is created in correct place during download
  • #4337 Do not allow to perform rest of the code in onCreate() if not exactly one matching form was detected
  • #4331 Upgrade to new version of AudioRecordView with bug fix
  • #4286 Handle process death during filling a form
  • #4310 Catch ExternalDataException and display as a warning
  • #4339 Improve error messages on form download
  • #4297 Do not ask for storage permissions when it's a fresh installation
  • #4366 Handle uris without granted read permission
  • #4350 Allow other appearances to combine with field-list
  • #4359 Make sure redownloading the same form doesn't break anything
  • #4401 Fully remove Firebase Performance to fix release builds
  • #4371 Fixed centering texts in forms
  • #4408 Catch nulls returned by getIndexFromXPath()
  • #4410 Don't crash if answer data type is mismatched with form definition data type
  • #4405 Increase sensitivity of overlay waveform
  • #4432 Upgrade Google Services to get correct json config
  • #4416 Update spreadsheet locale to en_GB to avoid problems with date formats
  • #4434 Prevent recording service from being recreated
  • #4442 Fix background audio permissions flow