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// This software is part of OpenMono, see
// and is available under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt
#ifndef ili9225g_h
#define ili9225g_h
#include "../display_controller_interface.h"
#include <rect.h>
#include "queue_interrupt.h"
#include "mn_timer.h"
#include <power_aware_interface.h>
#include "power_fenced_peripheral_interface.h"
#include "mn_digital_out.h"
#include <mbed.h>
namespace mono { namespace display {
class ILI9225G : public IDisplayController, mono::power::IPowerAware, IRunLoopTask
mbed::SPI spi;
mono::io::DigitalOut Reset;
mbed::DigitalOut RegisterSelect;
mbed::DigitalOut IM0;
mbed::InterruptIn tearingEffect;
mbed::Ticker tearingWatchdog;
bool tearingInterruptPending;
bool rebootDisplay;
uint32_t teWat, watTime;
uint8_t dr, dm0,dm1,dm2;
mono::geo::Rect curWindow;
void writeData(uint16_t data);
void writeRegister(uint16_t regData);
void writeCommand(uint16_t regData, uint16_t data);
/// Power awareness protocol
void onSystemPowerOnReset();
void onSystemEnterSleep();
void onSystemWakeFromSleep();
void onSystemBatteryLow();
void tearingEffectHandler();
void tearingWatchdogHandler();
void taskHandler();
void init();
void setWindow(int x, int y, int width, int height);
uint16_t ScreenWidth() const;
uint16_t ScreenHeight() const;
void setCursor(int x, int y);
int getCursorX();
int getCursorY();
void write(Color pixelColor);
uint16_t read();
void setBrightness(uint8_t value);
uint8_t Brightness() const;
} }
#endif /* ili9225g_h */