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// This software is part of OpenMono, see
// Released under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt
#ifndef __com_openmono_sdcardbytebuffer_h
#define __com_openmono_sdcardbytebuffer_h
#include "lib/ibytebuffer.hpp"
#include <mono.h>
* SdCardByteBuffer can be used to collect data that arrives in chunks, such as
* an HTTP response. The data is maintained on the SD card, so there
* is no memory overhead.
class SdCardByteBuffer
public IByteBuffer
enum Status
SdCardByteBuffer ();
virtual ~SdCardByteBuffer ();
Status status () const;
* Attach to a file on the SD card. The the file is created if needed.
* The contents of the file is used as initial data.
* @param fileName rooted or relative path to file on SD card.
void attach (mono::String const & fileName);
void addString (mono::String const & string);
virtual void add (uint8_t const * chunk, size_t length);
virtual size_t bytes () const;
virtual size_t chunks () const;
virtual size_t chunkBytes (size_t index) const;
virtual uint8_t operator[] (size_t position) const;
virtual uint8_t const * const chunk (size_t index) const;
virtual void clear ();
void mkdirs ();
mutable Status _status;
mono::String path;
size_t bytesTotal;
#endif // __com_openmono_sdcardbytebuffer_h