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A PHP library for command-line argument processing
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GetOpt.PHP is a library for command-line argument processing. It supports PHP version 5.4 and above.


  • Supports both short (eg. -v) and long (eg. --version) options
  • Option aliasing, ie. an option can have both a long and a short version
  • Cumulative short options (eg. -vvv)
  • Two alternative notations for long options with arguments: --option value and --option=value
  • Collapsed short options (eg. -abc instead of -a -b -c), also with an argument for the last option (eg. -ab 1 instead of -a -b 1)
  • Two alternative notations for short options with arguments: -o value and -ovalue
  • Quoted arguments (eg. --path "/some path/with spcaces") for string processing
  • Options with multiple arguments (eg. --domain --domain
  • Operand (positional arguments) specification, validation and limitation
  • Command routing with specified options and operands
  • Help text generation
  • Default argument values
  • Argument validation


If you are still using a legacy version of GetOpt.PHP, please consider upgrading to version 3.

Only a few adjustments to your code are required to benefit from a lot of improvements. Refer to the upgrade guide for details.



GetOpt.PHP is published under the MIT License.

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