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Contributing a plugin

Details regarding how to write a plugin are explained in the Pelican docs.

If you want to contribute, please be sure to read our general contributing guidelines first. Then you can fork this repository, create a new branch, make your changes, squash your commits, and issue your pull request from your new branch (i.e., not the master branch).

Make sure that your plugin follows the structure below:

   └──  ReadMe.rst / is the actual plugin implementation. Include a brief explanation of what the plugin does as a module docstring. Put any further explanations and usage details into the ReadMe file. should contain a single line with from .my_plugin import *.

Place tests for your plugin in the same folder inside If you need content or templates in your tests, you can use the main test_data folder for that purpose.

Note: Each plugin can contain a LICENSE file stating the license it's released under. If there is an absence of LICENSE then it defaults to the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. Please refer to the LICENSE file for the full text of the license.

Before making your initial commit, please be sure to add an entry to the repo's top-level ReadMe file, adding your plugin to the list (in alphabetical order) and providing a brief description.

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