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This plugin generates plain-text or XML sitemaps. You can use the SITEMAP variable in your settings file to configure the behavior of the plugin.

The SITEMAP variable must be a Python dictionary and can contain these keys:

  • format, which sets the output format of the plugin (xml or txt)

  • priorities, which is a dictionary with three keys:

    • articles, the priority for the URLs of the articles and their translations
    • pages, the priority for the URLs of the static pages
    • indexes, the priority for the URLs of the index pages, such as tags,
      author pages, categories indexes, archives, etc...

    All the values of this dictionary must be decimal numbers between 0 and 1.

  • changefreqs, which is a dictionary with three items:

    • articles, the update frequency of the articles
    • pages, the update frequency of the pages
    • indexes, the update frequency of the index pages

    Valid frequency values are always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and never.

You can exclude URLs from being included in the sitemap via regular expressions. For example, to exclude all URLs containing tag/ or category/ you can use the following SITEMAP setting.

    'exclude': ['tag/', 'category/']

If a key is missing or a value is incorrect, it will be replaced with the default value.

You can also exclude an individual URL by adding metadata to it setting private to True.

The sitemap is saved in <output_path>/sitemap.<format>.


priorities and changefreqs are information for search engines. They are only used in the XML sitemaps. For more information: <>


Here is an example configuration (it's also the default settings):