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AsciiDoc Reader

This plugin allows you to use AsciiDoc to write your posts. File extension should be .asc, .adoc, or .asciidoc.


There are two command line utilities commonly used to render AsciiDoc: asciidoc and asciidoctor. One of the two will need to be installed and on the PATH.

Note: The asciidoctor utility is recommended since the original asciidoc is no longer maintained.


Setting name (followed by default value) What does it do?
ASCIIDOC_CMD = asciidoc Selects which utility to use for rendering. Will autodetect utility if not provided.
ASCIIDOC_OPTIONS = [] A list of options to pass to AsciiDoc. See the manpage.

Example file header

Following the example in the main pelican documentation:

= My super title

:date: 2010-10-03 10:20
:modified: 2010-10-04 18:40
:tags: thats, awesome
:category: yeah
:slug: my-super-post
:authors: Alexis Metaireau, Conan Doyle
:summary: Short version for index and feeds

== title level 2

and so on...