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Clean Summary Plugin

This plugin cleans your summary of excess images. Images can take up much more space than text and lead to summaries being different sizes on archive and index pages. With this plugin, you can specify a maximum number of images that will appear in your summaries.

There is also an option to include a minimum of one image.


This plugin has two settings: CLEAN_SUMMARY_MAXIMUM, which takes an integer, and CLEAN_SUMMARY_MINIMUM_ONE, which takes a Boolean value. They default to 0 and False, respectively.

CLEAN_SUMMARY_MAXIMUM sets the maximum number of images that will appear in your summary.

If CLEAN_SUMMARY_MINIMUM_ONE is set to True and your summary doesn't already contain an image, the plugin will add the first image in your article (if one exists) to the beginning of the summary.


Requires Beautiful Soup:

pip install BeautifulSoup4

Usage with Summary Plugin

If using the Summary plugin, make sure it appears in your plugin list before the Clean Summary plugin. For example:

PLUGINS = ['summary', 'clean_summary', ... ]