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Goodreads Activity

A Pelican plugin to lists books from your Goodreads shelves.

Copyright (c) Talha Mansoor

Author Talha Mansoor
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This plugin is inspired by Marco Milanesi Github activity plugin.


goodreads_activity requires feedparser.

pip install feedparser

How to Use

Important Unlike Marco's Github activity plugin, this plugin returns a dictionary composed of the books in your Goodreads shelf and their details.

To enable it, set GOODREADS_ACTIVITY_FEED in your pelican config file. It should point to the activity feed of your bookshelf.

To find your self's activity feed,

  1. Open Goodreads homepage and login
  2. Click on My Books in the top navigational bar
  3. Select the bookshelf you are interested in from the left hand column
  4. Look for RSS link in the footer. Copy it's link.

Here is an example feed of currently-reading shelf,


You can access the goodreads_activity in your Jinja2 template. goodreads_activity is a dictionary. Its valid keys are

  1. shelf_title it has the title of your shelf
  2. books it is an array of book dictionary

Valid keys for book dictionary are

  1. title
  2. author
  3. link link to your book review
  4. l_cover large cover
  5. m_cover medium cover
  6. s_cover small cover
  7. description
  8. rating
  9. review
  10. tags

Template Example

    <h2>{{ goodreads_activity.shelf_title }}</h2>
    {% for book in goodreads_activity.books %}
        <img src="{{book.s_cover}}"/>
        <header>{{book.title}}<small> by {{}}</small></header>
        <a href={{}} target="_blank">...more</a></article>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}
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