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Org Emacs Reader

Publish Emacs Org files alongside the rest of your website or blog.

  • ORG_EMACS_READER_EMACS_LOCATION: Required. Location of Emacs binary. If you use Emacs for Mac OS X, the location should be /Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs, rather than /usr/bin/emacs.

  • ORG_EMACS_READER_EMACS_SETTINGS: Optional. An absolute path to an Elisp file, to run per invocation. Useful for initializing the package Emacs library if that's where your Org mode comes from, or any modifications to Org Export- related variables. If you want to use your standard emacs init file, you can ignore this variable.

  • ORG_EMACS_READER_BACKEND: Optional. A custom backend to provide to Org. Defaults to 'html.

To provide metadata to Pelican, the following properties can be defined in the org file's header:

#+TITLE: The Title Of This BlogPost
#+DATE: 2001-01-01
#+CATEGORY: blog-category
#+AUTHOR: My Name
#+PROPERTY: SUMMARY hello, this is the description
#+PROPERTY: SLUG test_slug
#+PROPERTY: MODIFIED [2015-12-29 Di]
#+PROPERTY: TAGS my, first, tags
#+PROPERTY: SAVE_AS alternative_filename.html
  • The TITLE is the only mandatory header property
  • Timestamps (DATE and MODIFIED) are optional and can be either a string of %Y-%m-%d or an org timestamp
  • The property names (SUMMARY, SLUG, MODIFIED, TAGS, SAVE_AS) can be either lower-case or upper-case
  • The slug is automatically the filename of the Org file, if not explicitly specified
  • It is not possible to pass an empty property to Pelican. For this plugin, it makes no difference if a property is present in the Org file and left empty, or if it is not defined at all.