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Share Post

A Pelican plugin to create share URLs of article

Copyright (c) Talha Mansoor

Author Talha Mansoor
Author Email talha131@gmail.com
Author Homepage http://onCrashReboot.com
Github Account https://github.com/talha131


Why do you need it?

Almost all website have share widgets to let readers share posts on social networks. Most of these widgets are used by vendors for online tracking. These widgets are also visual which quite often become a distraction and negatively affect readers attention.

share_post creates old school URLs for some popular sites which your theme can use. These links do not have the ability to track the users. They can also be unobtrusive depending on how Pelican theme uses them.


share_post requires BeautifulSoup

pip install beautifulsoup4

How to Use

share_post adds a dictionary attribute to article which can be accessed via article.share_post. Keys of the dictionary are as follows,

  1. facebook
  2. google-plus
  3. email
  4. twitter
  5. diaspora
  6. linkedin
  7. hacker-news

Template Example

{% if article.share_post and article.status != 'draft' %}
    <p id="post-share-links">
        Share on:
        <a href="{{article.share_post['diaspora']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on Diaspora">Diaspora*</a><a href="{{article.share_post['twitter']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on Twitter">Twitter</a><a href="{{article.share_post['facebook']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on Facebook">Facebook</a><a href="{{article.share_post['google-plus']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on Google Plus">Google+</a><a href="{{article.share_post['linkedin']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on LinkedIn">LinkedIn</a><a href="{{article.share_post['hacker-news']}}" target="_blank" title="Share on HackerNews">HackerNews</a><a href="{{article.share_post['email']}}" target="_blank" title="Share via Email">Email</a>
{% endif %}