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Themes for pelican
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BT3-Flat @ 2e357ea Update submodules
Casper2Pelican @ 2e17c16 Add Casper2Pelican theme as submodule
Flex @ 2adc599 Add Flex theme.
Just-Read Merge pull request #246 from bertrandbo/master
Nuja @ 13f786e update submodules
Responsive-Pelican @ a746060 commit pelican-responsive
SoMA fixed pagination in SoMA
SoMA2 Updated the screenshot.
aboutwilson Fix hard-coded feeds and feed urls in aboutwilson/templates/base.html
alchemy @ d8e2eae Update submodules
backdrop Added utility class with which to centre images.
basic Adding a "screenshot" section to those readme files that don't have one
blue-penguin @ c5e23e7 Update submodules
bluegrasshopper @ 3f40c24 update submodules
blueidea @ 8f11c0e update submodules
bold @ 039335b update submodules
bootlex Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
bootstrap Merge pull request #150 from tverrbjelke/master
bootstrap2-dark update readme
bootstrap2 Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
brownstone Merge pull request #298 from Zekt/patch-1
built-texts Updated pagination of built-texts template
burrito @ dd83c39 update submodules
cebong Adding a "screenshot" section to those readme files that don't have one
chameleon @ 68828a9 Update submodules
chunk @ f9206df update submodules
cid @ db88343 Add Cid theme as submodule
crowsfoot @ 30509fc update submodules
dev-random Small change in setting identifier
dev-random2 Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
dev-random3 @ 2023deb update submodules
elegant @ 44c8fbc update submodules
foundation-default-colours fixed an issue with tag-cloud-links
franticworld fix a silly bug in franticworld/base template
free-agent @ e801cda Add Free Agent theme as submodule
fresh @ ce1afc0 update submodules
gum Merge pull request #236 from makefu/gum_multi_authors
html5-dopetrope @ 6796c77 Update submodules
irfan @ 24048d4 update submodules
iris @ f0e6b87 update submodules
jesuislibre @ 1611a63 Update jesuislibre themes
lannisport @ a36fafd update submodules
lazystrap @ 1be55e1 update submodules
lightweight Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
lovers @ 234de54 Add lovers theme submodule
maggner-pelican @ 612bc1d update submodules
martin-pelican @ 456ad6f update submodules
martyalchin Adding a "screenshot" section to those readme files that don't have one
material @ 116e3f5 Add Material theme as submodule
mg @ 6293f47 Add mg theme
mnmlist update some links in mnmlist base template
monospace Add Disqus comments to articles
neat @ eb3ae75 update submodules
nest @ eca6ce7 update submodules
new-bootstrap2 Fix a typo in README.rst
nikhil-theme @ 0ab6d38 fix recursive checkout prob for blue-penguin and add nikhil-theme sub…
niu-x2 @ 4e045ad update submodules
nmnlist Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
notebook Some improvements
notmyidea-cms-fr notmyidea-cms: Remove CSS link to missing image
notmyidea-cms notmyidea-cms: Remove CSS link to missing image
octopress @ 29020e0 Add Octopress theme as submodule
pelican-bootstrap3 Updated pelican-bootstrap3 to latest version
pelican-cait @ 4995b38 update submodules
pelican-mockingbird @ fa46a80 update submodules
pelican-simplegrey @ 257e30c update submodules
pelican-sober @ 4545828 update submodules
pelican-twitchy @ edbfeaf update pelican-twitchy to 1.2.0
pelicanthemes-generator @ 6d05b3a update submodules
pelipress @ ca2e071 update submodules
photowall first commit of Photowall theme
pjport @ f7566e1 update submodules
plumage @ 86bcd7c update submodules
ptemplate @ b5c81bf update submodules
pujangga @ a1fffd1 update submodules
pure @ cc2cb62 update submodules
relapse @ d21c9f7 update submodules
simple-bootstrap `hightlight` -> `highlight`
smoothie @ daa218b Add Smoothie theme as submodule
sneakyidea Merge pull request #151 from palmstrom/fix-title
sora @ 642bfa3 update submodules
storm @ 70ba542 update submodules
subtle removed tags from title attribute value
sundown @ f80e57b update submodules
svbhack @ 3170593 update submodules
svbtle @ 2b51a1d update submodules
syte removed tags from title attribute value
tuxlite_tbs Merge pull request #263 from feld/master
tuxlite_zf Merge pull request #150 from tverrbjelke/master
twenty-html5up @ 53cc173 update submodules
uberblau @ 5b7c2bf Added uberblau theme
voidy-bootstrap @ dc7ad96 update submodules
w3-personal-blog @ b57603d add w3 personal blog theme
water-iris @ 6f36ee9 update submodules
waterspill-en Adding a "screenshot" section to those readme files that don't have one
waterspill Adding a "screenshot" section to those readme files that don't have one
zurb-F5-basic Merge pull request #251 from callmemagnus/patch-1
.gitignore *~ and .*~ files added to gitignore
.gitmodules Add Free Agent theme as submodule
README.rst Fix outdated link to Pelican docs


Pelican Themes

This repository contains themes for Pelican. Feel free to clone, add your own theme, and submit a pull request. It's community-managed!

Using Themes

These instructions assume you have already read all the Pelican documentation, have a working site, and would now like to apply a non-default theme.

First, choose a location to hold your themes. For this example, we'll use the directory ~/pelican-themes, but yours could be different. Clone the pelican-themes repository to that location on your local machine:

git clone --recursive ~/pelican-themes

Now you should have your pelican-themes repository stored at ~/pelican-themes/.

To use one of the themes, edit your Pelican settings file to include this line:

THEME = "/home/user/pelican-themes/theme-name"

So, for instance, to use the mnmlist theme, you would edit your settings file to include:

THEME = "/home/user/pelican-themes/mnmlist"

Save the changes to your settings file and then regenerate your site by using the Makefile you should already have set up using pelican-quickstart:

make html

Themes can also be specified directly via the -t ~/pelican-themes/theme-name parameter to the pelican command. If you want to edit your theme, make sure that any edits you make are made to the copy stored in ~/pelican-themes/theme-name. Any changes made to files stored in your site's output directory will be deleted the next time you generate your site.

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