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Examples in the wild

This is a non-exhaustive list of websites that use pelican-boostrap3 as their theme. It shows the versatility of the theme (which is one of the perks of using Bootstrap 3). If your website provides a unique take on pelican-bootstrap3 and you want your website to be listed here, don't hesitate to ask or make a pull-request! I reserve the right to refuse websites if they're not unique enough for my tastes or if I find them offensive. If your website is listed here, but you don't want it to be, let me know and I'll remove it. by DandyDev (Main author of pelican-bootstrap3) - Basic pelican-bootstrap3 setup using the Simplex Bootswatch theme.

Mind Bending by magnunleno - Heavily customized design based on pelican-bootstrap3 with lots of stuff added. Some of that stuff was neatly contributed back to pelican-boostrap3.

Beneath Data by tylerhartley - Customized pelican-boostrap3 to include a homepage banner, a footer containing the "About Me" and other social content, plus other small UI tweaks.

toumorokoshi by toumorokoshi - Clean version of pelican-bootstrap3 with a nice profile area added in.

Christine Doig by chdoig - Barely recognizable anymore as pelican-boostrap3, but it is in fact based on this theme. The Twitter widget has been contributed back to pelican-bootstrap3

Rebecca Weiss by rjweiss

Theory And Practice by cranmer - Nice customization of the frontpage, using widgets.

Camerata Musica by Colin Brislawn - Showcases past and present seasons for a performance arts group.

The official ncf website by Normation

Lappland. Inside Out. by hlapp by kev009

dave_tucker:blog by dave-tucker

Dopey's Corner

Toni Mueller by muellert

Caffeinated Engineering by mattyjones

Ryan Gregory James by Autoplectic

JPoser/Blog by JPoser

Base-Art by philn

Jason Antman's Blog by jantman

Bryce Boe by bboe blog blog

For The Science - a blog about scientific programming


The Digital Cat by lgiordani by Pedro H. - Uses the PADDED_SINGLE_COLUMN_STYLE setting with a modified Bootstrap/Bootswatch configuration and custom CSS.