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A pelican theme using Zurb Foundation 5 with the default colour theme. The theme is fully compatible with mobile devices (ie, menus and the display change to be mobile-friendly on small screens).

There are seven theme-specific settings you can set in your pelicanconf.py file (the settings shown are the defaults):

FOUNDATION_FOOTER_TEXT = 'Powered by <a href="http://getpelican.com">Pelican</a> and <a href="http://foundation.zurb.com/">Zurb Foundation</a>. Theme by <a href="http://hamaluik.com">Kenton Hamaluik</a>.'
  • If you enable FOUNDATION_FRONT_PAGE_FULL_ARTICLES, the front page will show full articles instead of summaries + links to the full articles.
  • If you enable FOUNDATION_ALTERNATE_FONTS, Google Droid fonts will be used instead of the default Open Sans font that ships with Foundation.
  • If you enable FOUNDATION_TAGS_IN_MOBILE_SIDEBAR, a tag list will appear in the mobile sidebar. However note that if you have a lot of tags, this list may get rather long and unweildly.
  • If you wish to use the newer Google Analytics embed code, enable FOUNDATION_NEW_ANALYTICS and set the FOUNDATION_ANALYTICS_DOMAIN to the Google-Analytics-supplied name for your code block.
  • If you wish to change the footer text, do so using the FOUNDATION_FOOTER_TEXT setting.
  • Finally, you can set FOUNDATION_PYGMENT_THEME to any of the themes that Pygments provides:
    • autumn
    • borland
    • bw
    • colorful
    • default
    • emacs
    • friendly
    • fruity
    • manny
    • monokai
    • murphy
    • native
    • pastie
    • perldoc
    • tango
    • trac
    • vs

If you wish to enable a listing of monthly archives in the sidebar, do so by setting MONTH_ARCHIVE_SAVE_AS in pelicanconf.py. For example:

MONTH_ARCHIVE_SAVE_AS = 'posts/{date:%Y}/{date:%m}/index.html'

On my site, I like to include centered images with small captions below them embedded throughout my posts. To do this easily, I wrote a Pelican plugin that you can access at https://github.com/FuzzyWuzzie/foundation_images. It is designed to work with this theme, usage information can be found in it's repository's README.