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Syte theme for Pelican

This Pelican theme is based on Syte. It was created by samrat, with continued development by arnaudbos.

You can see this theme in action here.



Pelican-Syte uses the webassets and cssmin Python packages, which can be installed via:

pip install webassets cssmin

Also required is the assets Pelican plugin, which integrates the webassets package mentioned above into Pelican. Follow the instructions on the Pelican Plugins page to install the assets plugin and activate it via your settings file.


This theme uses the SOCIAL setting to build social integration via JavaScript calls. All these settings are optional — not using them will skip the social integration, and the links will remain just links.


  • ABOUT = u'Describe yourself or your site here — this will go right under the site name'
  • SITE_DESCRIPTION = u'Used in HTML meta tag for description'
  • SITE_KEYWORDS = u'Used in the HTML meta tag for keywords'


  • DISPLAY_HOME_ON_MENU = True (If you still want to display a 'Home' link, note that the site name is already a link to the home page)
  • GOOGLE_PLUSONE = True (If you want a Google +1 button aside the Tweet button on each article)
  • CONTACT = u'' (Pretty explicit)

Social integration

Github integration
  • GITHUB_INTEGRATION_ENABLED = True (If you want to integrate Github)
  • GITHUB_USERNAME = 'your_username' (Needed if GITHUB_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
Google integration
  • GPLUS_INTEGRATION_ENABLED = True (If you want to integrate Google+)
  • GPLUS_USERNAME = 'your_username|identifier' (Needed if GPLUS_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
  • GPLUS_API_ACCESS = 'your_api_access_key' (Needed if GPLUS_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
Twitter+ integration
  • TWITTER_INTEGRATION_ENABLED = True (If you want to integrate Twitter)
  • TWITTER_USERNAME = 'your_username' (Needed if TWITTER_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
Instagram integration
  • INSTAGRAM_INTEGRATION_ENABLED = True (If you want to integrate Instagram)
  • INSTAGRAM_USERNAME = 'your_username' (Needed if INSTAGRAM_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
  • INSTAGRAM_API_ACCESS = 'your_api_access_key' (Needed if INSTAGRAM_INTEGRATION_ENABLED is set to True)
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