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This is the issue #483 which was
supposed to be fixed by #506 (and commit
f1a4bba), but two occurences of
the problem were missed.

Basically, as
getpelican/pelican#1591 (comment)

> For future reference: Don't use sort in templates on articles.
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screenshot.png uikit demo theme ported to pelican (#385) Apr 8, 2017


pelican-uikit is a port of the uikit demo for a blog layout to pelican. You can currently browse a demo at inktrap's blog. This theme

  • can be customized by the uikit-customizer
  • is responsive and works for mobile devices
  • uses HTML5 semantic markup
  • is pretty dry due to some custom makros for sidebar links and license information (see inktrap's gists)
  • tries to be SEO ready (… this could be improved, but I don't care that much about SEO)
  • can be a boilerplate for your own experiments with uikit

Uikit for pelican Screenshot



How to use a custom favicon:

  • go to and use this custom path: /theme/ico/favicon/.
  • then unzip the file to /themes/uikit/static/ico/favicon/ (and themes is wherever you store your themes.)
  • done!


  • change the following values (the default settings are my personal ones):
# this name is used for navigation and display

# a shorthand/surname/whatever, used in the sidebar
AUTHOR_REAL = u'Valentin'

# put an image into uikit/static/img/ and change this
# variable to the name of the image. The default is author.svg
AUTHOR_IMAGE = u'author.svg'


To use a different uikit-style simply change the STYLE variable in See the section pelicanconf below for an example.

If you want to use an entirely different colorsheme, use the customizer.

Currently I always get the same css-file regardless of the modifications I made. I will either post a bug report or investigate this a little bit more.

Copy the following files to themes/uikit/static/css:


Hint: You can just generate the minified files yourself and if you don't want to change the STYLE-setting you only have to download the one you need.


More specific settings for this theme.

display tags and links and how many of them

# control the sidebar-tags/links with a simple setting.
# If the value
# is 0, all links will be displayed
# is negative, no links will be displayed
# is positive, that many links will be displayed


choose an uikit style

# choose default, gradient or almost-flat:
STYLE = "default"
STYLE = "almost-flat"
STYLE = "gradient"

capitalize headings

# wether to capitalize article headings
# False means everything is not transformed

choose a license

# available licenses (see LICENSE['cc_name']):
# licenses in version 4.0
# by-nc
# by-nc-nd
# by-nc-sa
# by-nd
# by-nd-nc
# by-sa
# all icons are included locally,
# however you can use the icon hosted by <>.
# compact (80x15) or normal (88x31) icon

The license-chooser and the sidebar-links makros will likely be independent pelican-plugins soon.


  • integrate/rework: archives.html period_archives.html authors.html categories.html tags.html
  • pagination support
  • check styling via the uikit customizer
  • change article headings to a smaller size so it is separate from the main heading
  • categories in chrome's responsive design mode are not uppercased


  • integrate mathjax
  • code-highlighting via pygments
  • use bower?
  • integrate disqus?
  • integrate piwik?
  • what about translations?


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