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Improve UI when `pelican --listen` web server is quit (#2684)

Improve UI when `pelican --listen` web server is quit
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justinmayer committed Jan 20, 2020
2 parents 70c8d2a + fa71931 commit cf96c113e1f521a85372f81c0d4d5a6dada941ca
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@@ -466,14 +466,19 @@ def listen(server, port, output, excqueue=None):
excqueue.put(traceback.format_exception_only(type(e), e)[-1])
return"Serving at port %s, server %s.", port, server)
print("\nServing site at: {}:{} - Tap CTRL-C to stop".format(
server, port))
except Exception as e:
if excqueue is not None:
excqueue.put(traceback.format_exception_only(type(e), e)[-1])

except KeyboardInterrupt:
print("\nKeyboard interrupt received. Shutting down server.")

def main(argv=None):
args = parse_arguments(argv)

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