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  • Extend rich logging to server component (#2927)
  • Fix an issue where metadata flagged to be discarded was being cached (#2926)
  • Adjust suffix in server to allow redirection when needed (#2931)
  • Add MIME types for web fonts (#2929)
  • Distribute sample data used to run tests (#2935)
  • Add Python 3.10 to test matrix
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  • Improve default theme rendering on mobile and other small screen devices (#2914)
  • Add support for hidden articles (#2866)
  • Improve word count behavior when generating summary CJK & other locales (#2864)
  • Add progress spinner during generation (#2869) and richer logging (#2897), both via Rich
  • Invoke tasks serve and livereload now auto-open a web browser pointing to the locally-served web site (#2764)
  • Support some date format codes used by ISO dates (#2902)
  • Document how to add a new writer (#2901)
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  • Add new URL pattern to PAGINATION_PATTERNS for the last page in the list (#1401)
  • Speed up livereload Invoke task via caching (#2847)
  • Ignore None return value from get_generators signal (#2850)
  • Relax dependency minimum versions and remove upper bounds
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Replace plugin definitions in settings with string representations after registering, so they can be cached correctly (#2828).

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Improve logging of generators and writer loaders

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  • Refactor intra-site link discovery in order to match more permissively #2646
  • Fix plugins running twice in auto-reload mode #2817
  • Add notice to use from pelican import signals instead of import pelican.signals #2805
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  • List registered plugins via pelican-plugins command
  • Override settings via -e / --extra-settings CLI option flags
  • Add settings for custom Jinja globals and tests
  • Customize article summary ellipsis via SUMMARY_END_SUFFIX setting
  • Customize Typogrify dash handling via new TYPOGRIFY_DASHES setting
  • Support Unicode when generating slugs
  • Support Asciidoc .adoc file generation in Pelican importer
  • Improve user experience when pelican --listen web server is quit
  • Improve Invoke tasks template
  • Include tests in source distributions
  • Switch CI from Travis to GitHub Actions
  • Remove support for Python 2.7

For more information, including upgrade instructions, please refer to the release announcement.

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  • Support inline SVGs; don't treat titles in SVGs as HTML titles
  • Add category to feeds (in addition to tags)
  • Improve content metadata field docs
  • Add docs for including other Markdown/reST files in content
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  • Fix quick-start docs regarding pelican --listen
  • Set default listen address to
  • Add extra/optional Markdown dependency to
  • Use correct SSH port syntax for rsync in
  • Place all deprecated settings handling together
  • Add related project URLs for display on PyPI
  • Skip some tests on Windows that can't pass due to filesystem differences