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@justinmayer justinmayer released this Dec 12, 2016 · 704 commits to master since this release

  • Atom feeds output <content> in addition to <summary>
  • Atom feeds use <published> for the original publication date and
    <updated> for modifications
  • Simplify Atom feed ID generation and support URL fragments
  • Produce category feeds with category-specific titles
  • RSS feeds now default to summary instead of full content —
    set RSS_FEED_SUMMARY_ONLY = False to revert to previous behavior
  • Replace MD_EXTENSIONS with MARKDOWN setting
  • Replace JINJA_EXTENSIONS with more-robust JINJA_ENVIRONMENT setting
  • Improve summary truncation logic to handle special characters and tags that
    span multiple lines, using HTML parser instead of regular expressions
  • Include summary when looking for intra-site link substitutions
  • Link to authors and index via {author}name and {index} syntax
  • Override widget names via LINKS_WIDGET_NAME and SOCIAL_WIDGET_NAME
  • Add INDEX_SAVE_AS option to override default index.html value
  • Remove PAGES context variable for themes in favor of pages
  • SLUG_SUBSTITUTIONS now accepts 3-tuple elements, allowing URL slugs to
    contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • Tag and category slugs can be controlled with greater precision using the
  • Author slugs can be controlled with greater precision using the
  • DEFAULT_DATE can be defined as a string
  • Use mtime instead of ctime when DEFAULT_DATE = 'fs'
  • Add --fatal=errors|warnings option for use with continuous integration
  • When using generator-level caching, ensure previously-cached files are
    processed instead of just new files
  • Add Python and Pelican version information to debug output
  • Improve compatibility with Python 3.5
  • Comply with and enforce PEP8 guidelines
  • Replace tables in settings documentation with data:: directives
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