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Docker Mixin Example Bundle

This is an example bundle to show how to use the Docker mixin in Porter!



This is the porter manifest. See for details on every field and how to configure your bundle. This is a required file.

The commands available in the docker mixin are docker pull, push, build, run, remove, and login.

Notes on docker login

Login has two optional parameters - username and password. To pass in the username and password, you should set them as environment variables and pass them in to your bundle as credentials. In order to pass them in as credentials, you need to add the credentials section in the yaml. You need to run porter credentials generate and specify where the values come from. Then, when you run porter install, pass in the credentials by doing --cred or -c followed by the name of the credential set, for example porter install --cred mycreds.


This dockerfile was created to show how you can use docker build within a bundle. The docker build step defined in the install action of the porter.yaml uses this dockerfile to print out a message.


This is a default file that we provide to help remind you which files are generated by Porter, and shouldn't be committed to source control. You can delete it if you don't need it.


This is a default file that controls which files are copied into the bundle's invocation image by default. You can delete it if you don't need it.