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Contribution Ladder

Our ladder defines the roles and responsibilities for this project and how to participate with the goal of moving from a user to a maintainer. You will need to gain people's trust, demonstrate your competence and understanding, and meet the requirements of the role.

Community Member

Everyone is a community member! 😄 You've read this far so you are already ahead. 💯

Here are some ideas for how you can be more involved and participate in the community:

  • Comment on an issue that you’re interested in.
  • Submit a pull request to fix an issue.
  • Report a bug.
  • Share a bundle that you made and how it went.
  • Come chat with us in Slack.

They must follow our Code of Conduct.


Contributors have the following capabilities:

  • Have issues and pull requests assigned to them
  • Apply labels, milestones and projects
  • Mark issues as duplicates
  • Close, reopen, and assign issues and pull requests

They must agree to and follow this Contributing Guide.

How to become a contributor

To become a contributor, the maintainers of the project would like to see you:

  • Comment on issues with your experiences and opinions.
  • Add your comments and reviews on pull requests.
  • Contribute pull requests.
  • Open issues with bugs, experience reports, and questions.

Contributors and maintainers will do their best to watch for community members who may make good contributors. But don’t be shy, if you feel that this is you, please reach out to one or more of the contributors or maintainers.


Maintainers are members with extra capabilities:

  • Be a Code Owner and have reviews automatically requested.
  • Review pull requests.
  • Merge pull requests.

Maintainers also have additional responsibilities beyond just merging code:

  • Help foster a safe and welcoming environment for all project participants. This will include understanding and enforcing our Code of Conduct.
  • Organize and promote pull request reviews, e.g. prompting community members, contributors, and other maintainers to review.
  • Triage issues, e.g. adding labels, promoting discussions, finalizing decisions.
  • Help organize our development meetings, e.g. schedule, organize and execute agenda.

They must agree to and follow the Reviewing Guide.

How to become a maintainer

To become a maintainer, we would like you to see you be an effective contributor, and show that you can do some of the things maintainers do. Maintainers will do their best to regularly discuss promoting contributors. But don’t be shy, if you feel that this is you, please reach out to one or more of the maintainers.


Admins are maintainers with extra responsibilities:

  • Create new mixin repositories
  • Manage getporter repositories
  • Manage getporter teams

How to become an admin

It isn't expected that all maintainers will need or want to move up to admin. If you are a maintainer, and find yourself often asking an admin to do certain tasks for you and you would like to help out with administrative tasks, please reach out to one or more of the admins.