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Migration notes

  • When the infix starts with a query, the resulting sql query won't be nested


2.5.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.2, and 2.5.3

Broken releases, do not use.










We're proud to announce the Quill 2.0. All bugs were fixed, so this release doesn't have any known bugs!


#872, #874, #875, #877, #879, #889, #890, #892, #894, #897, #899, #900, #903, #902, #904, #906, #907, #908, #909, #910, #913, #915, #917, #920, #921, #925, #928

Migration notes

  • Sources now take a parameter for idiom and naming strategy instead of just type parameters. For instance, new SqlSource[MysqlDialect, Literal] becomes new SqlSource(MysqlDialect, Literal).
  • Composite naming strategies don't use mixing anymore. Instead of the type Literal with UpperCase, use parameter value NamingStrategy(Literal, UpperCase).
  • Anonymous classes aren't supported for function declaration anymore. Use a method with a type parameter instead. For instance, replace val q = quote { new { def apply[T](q: Query[T]) = ... } } by def q[T] = quote { (q: Query[T] => ... }


Migration notes

  • quill-async contexts: java.time.LocalDate now supports only date sql types, java.time.LocalDateTime - only timestamp sql types. Joda times follow this conventions accordingly. Exception is made to java.util.Date it supports both date and timestamp types due to historical moments (java.sql.Timestamp extents java.util.Date).
  • quill-jdbc encoders do not accept java.sql.Types as a first parameter anymore.




see migration notes below

Migration notes

  • Cassandra context property ctx.session.addressTranslater is renamed to ctx.session.addressTranslator


see migration notes below

Migration notes

  • JDBC contexts are implemented in separate classes - PostgresJdbcContext, MysqlJdbcContext, SqliteJdbcContext, H2JdbcContext
  • all contexts are supplied with default java.util.UUID encoder and decoder


1.0.0-RC1 - 20-Oct-2016

Migration notes

  • New API for schema definition: query[Person].schema(_.entity("people").columns( -> "person_id") becomes querySchema[Person]("People", -> "person_id"). Note that the entity name ("People") is now always required.
  • WrappedValue[T] no longer exists, Quill can now automatically encode AnyVals.

0.10.0 - 5-Sep-2016

see migration notes below

Migration notes

  • mappedEncoding has been renamed to MappedEncoding.
  • The way we add async drivers has been changed. To add mysql async to your project use quill-async-mysql and for postgre async quill-async-postgres. It is no longer necessary to add quill-async by yourself.
  • Action assignments and equality operations are now typesafe. If there's a type mismatch between the operands, the quotation will not compile.

0.9.0 - 22-Aug-2016

see migration notes below

Migration notes

  • The fallback mechanism that looks for implicit encoders defined in the context instance has been removed. This means that if you don't import context._, you have to change the specific imports to include the encoders in use.
  • now receives only one parameter. The second parameter that used to receive runtime values now doesn't exist any more. Use lift or liftQuery instead.
  • Use liftQuery + foreach to perform batch actions and define contains/in queries.
  • insert now always receives a parameter, that can be a case class.
  • Non-lifted collections aren't supported anymore. Example: query[Person].filter(t => List(10, 20).contains(p.age)). Use liftQuery instead.
  • schema(_.generated()) has been replaced by returning.

0.8.0 / 17-Jul-2016

see migration notes below

Migration notes

This version introduces Context as a relacement for Source. This change makes the quotation creation dependent on the context to open the path for a few refactorings and improvements we're planning to work on before the 1.0-RC1 release.

Migration steps:

  • Remove any import that is not import io.getquill._
  • Replace the Source creation by a Context creation. See the readme for more details. All types necessary to create the context instances are provided by import io.getquill._.
  • Instead of importing from io.getquill._ to create quotations, import from you context instance import myContext._. The context import will provide all types and methods to interact with quotations and the database.
  • See the documentation about dependent contexts in case you get compilation errors because of type mismatches.

0.7.0 / 2-Jul-2016

0.6.0 / 9-May-2016

0.5.0 / 17-Mar-2016

0.4.1 / 28-Feb-2016

0.4.0 / 19-Feb-2016

0.3.1 / 01-Feb-2016

0.3.0 / 26-Jan-2016

0.2.1 / 28-Dec-2015

0.2.0 / 24-Dec-2015

0.1.0 / 27-Nov-2015

  • Initial release