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Railo is an Open Source CFML Server
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Railo CFML Engine

Welcome to the Railo CFML Engine repostory

Building from source

1. Before you get started

Before you start building Railo from source, you are going to need a few things installed on your machine:

  1. Eclipse for JEE - this is the easiest Eclipse bundle to work with when building Java projects
  2. Java 5 JDK - not just the JRE (because you're going to be compiling Java code) - and not Java 6! Railo requires Java 5 to build correctly! (CHECK)
  3. A Git client, any client will do. The demo here will be using the command line client to keep it simple There is also the EGit plugin for Eclipse for you to commit your changes locally and create patch files for submission
  4. A running Railo installation in which to test your new patch file

2. Get the source code from git://

The main way to get the code for Railo is to clone it with git. So at a command line (or using your favourite client) clone the source of the project into a folder on your computer:

git clone git://

after a little while you should see something like:

Cloning into railo...
remote: Counting objects: 11038, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (4138/4138), done.
remote: Total 11038 (delta 7162), reused 10404 (delta 6612)
Receiving objects: 100% (11038/11038), 59.48 MiB | 639 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (7162/7162), done.

That's it! you have downloaded all the source code for Railo!

3. Change into the railo-build directory and run ant

cd railo/railo-build

Currently the default build creates the .rc file (for whichever version you have set in the railo-build/ file) (this is not reflected everywhere yet! It is only used to name the file, you really want to change it in railo-core/src/railo/runtime/Info.ini too)

Once the build has finished you will find the files in the railo-build/build directory


This is currently a work in progress so it probably might not work at all.

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