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What's new in Railo 3.3

Title Ticket
CFHTTP support for gzip compressed data RAILO-276
new feature: nested transactions RAILO-689
Update ParseDatetime() to handle HTTP time strings RAILO-907
Easy Flex configuration RAILO-938
argument includeEmptyFields RAILO-1061
cfscript-admin RAILO-1074
function PrecisionEvaluate RAILO-1075
Argument count for function mid() is optional RAILO-1087
Support named arguments in built-in functions RAILO-1094
allow localmode to be set in application.cfc/cfapplication tag RAILO-1114
add possibility to assign admin plugins to every menu group RAILO-1115
add support for upload functions and tag RAILO-1121
getTickCount('nano') RAILO-1122
add support for placeholder {web-context-label} RAILO-1135
Datasource validation checkbox RAILO-1140
added support for SendGatewayMessage RAILO-1144
added support for xmlParent RAILO-1153
add function ImageFilter RAILO-1156
Support storage for the session scope RAILO-1157
add support for property/attributes sessiontype to appliation.cfc/cfapplication RAILO-1163
Function to reindex the custom tag and custom function library RAILO-1173
add support for ImageGetEXIF functions RAILO-1174
add support for "z" to lsTimeFormat pattern RAILO-1181
function SystemCacheClear RAILO-1186
cfmap addEvent function RAILO-1188
add support for range check for strings to isValid RAILO-1200
use session/client storage in a cluster environment RAILO-1213
cftrace follow object RAILO-1227
Author details on Atom Feed RAILO-1232
cfscript version of http RAILO-1234
use java Map as attributeCollection/argumentCollection RAILO-1243
reuse PreparedStatements RAILO-1274
dot notation ORM when defining relationships RAILO-1275
add support for additional tags in cfscript RAILO-1297
GZip compression for the Response Stream RAILO-1300
add function CreateUniqueId RAILO-1302
add S3 ACL Functions RAILO-1322
add more detailed architecture information to server scope RAILO-1326
allow a udf as value for attribute "filter" of tag cfdirectory-filter,cfobjectcache-filter RAILO-1385
Memory enhancements RAILO-1396, RAILO-1401
Flag "use timeserver" in admin RAILO-1399
add Function objectSave RAILO-1404
add Function objectLoad RAILO-1405
Search mappings: Yes (cooming soon) RAILO-1455
cfinput-onerror RAILO-1459
make key attribute optional for cfindex-delete-custom RAILO-1481
client scope storage RAILO-1479
attribute validateparams from tag property does also allow a struct as input
support for attribute storeACL to cfdirectory/cffile and storeLocation to cfdirectory RAILO-1519
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