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Building your business-systems freely! 高度可定制化的企业管理系统
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REBUILD 是一款真正的生产级项目,对安全性、健壮性、高并发、高可用及可扩展性都有充分考虑,绝非一般项目可比。核心开发成员为认证高级软件架构师,从事企业产品研发超过 10 年,对企业核心需求有深度了解。

REBUILD is a true production-grade project that fully considers security, robustness, high concurrency, high availability, and scalability, and is by no means comparable to general projects. The core development members are certified senior software architects and have been working in enterprise product research and development for more than 10 years. They have a deep understanding of enterprise core requirement.


REBUILD 使用 开源 GPL-3.0商用 双重授权许可,您应当认真阅读许可内容。使用 REBUILD 即表示您完全同意许可内容/条款。感谢支持!

REBUILD uses the open source GPL-3.0 and commercial dual license agreements, and you should read the contents of the agreement carefully. By using REBUILD, you fully agree to the Licensed Content/Terms. Thanks for the support!

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