1.0.0 - RC

@arikfr arikfr released this Nov 20, 2016 · 46 commits to a463bad9b55d8260595eb95a1dd981cd645210a7 since this release

Changes since v0.12.0.b2449:
6f52c50 #1429: Add missing error check from #1402 (Adam Griffiths)
47c1ac8 #1405: [Datasources] Add: simple Google Analytics query runner (Vladislav Denisov)
9b6b27a #1409: [Datasources] Add: Add query runner for Yandex ClickHouse (Vladislav Denisov)
b9aeb2f #1427: [Cassandra] Fix: remove reference to non existing Error class (Arik Fraimovich)
9f68dee #1256: Change: when forking a query, copy all visualizations (yohei.naruse)
0947491 #1423: [Cassandra] Fix: cassandra.cluster.Error wasn't imported (Arik Fraimovich)
e6482cf #1421: Change: [BigQuery] only specify useLegacySQL is it's True (Arik Fraimovich)
971f961 #1353: Change: make draft status for queries and dashboards toggleable (Allen Short)
265c973 #1419: Change: use redash.utils.json_dumps instead of json.dumps in Python query runner (Eric Feng)
037d196 #1373: Add: rate limit the login page (Antoine Augusti)
e65ec8c #1402: Change: correctly propagate ElasticSearch errors to the UI (Adam Griffiths)
3b7f167 #1371: Change: display user's password reset link to the admin when mail server disabled (Vitor Baptista)



@arikfr arikfr released this Nov 20, 2016

This version has been too long in the making and now finally released. Includes new visualizations, data sources, updated packages and numerous fixes and additions.

See CHANGELOG for full release notes.

Huge thanks to over 30 contributors (!) that participated in this release.



@arikfr arikfr released this Aug 2, 2016

This is a hotfix release, which fixes an issue with email alerts in v0.11.0. For those who are upgrading from versions earlier than v0.11, see full release notes in v0.11.



@arikfr arikfr released this Jul 3, 2016

The main features of this release are:

  • Alert Destinations: ability to define multiple destinations for alert notifications (currently implemented: HipChat, Slack, Webhook and email).
  • The long-awaited UI for query parameters (see example in #1069).

Also, this release includes numerous smaller features, improvements, and bug fixes.

A big thank you goes to all who contributed code and documentation in this release: @AntoineAugusti, @James226, @adamlwgriffiths, @alexdebrie, @anthony-coble, @ariarijp, @dheerajrav, @edwardsharp, @machira, @nabilblk, @ninneko, @ordd, @tomerben, @toru-takahashi, @vishesh92, @vorakumar and @whummer.


d5e5b24 #1136: Feature: add --org option to all relevant CLI commands. (@adamlwgriffiths)
87e25f2 #1129: Feature: support for JSON query formatting (Mongo, ElasticSearch) (@arikfr)
6bb2716 #1121: Show error when failing to communicate with server (@arikfr)
f21276e #1119: Feature: add UI to delete alerts (@arikfr)
8656540 #1069: Feature: UI for query parameters (@arikfr)
790128c #1067: Feature: word cloud visualization (@anthony-coble)
8b73a2b #1098: Feature: UI for alert destinations & new destination types (@alexdebrie)
1fbeb5d #1092: Add Heroku support (@adamlwgriffiths)
f64622d #1089: Add support for serialising UUID type within MSSQL #961 (@James226)
857caab #1085: Feature: API to pause a data source (@arikfr)
214aa3b #1060: Feature: support configuring user's groups with SAML (@vorakumar)
e20a005 #1007: Issue#1006: Make bottom margin editable for Chart visualization (@vorakumar)
6e0dd2b #1063: Add support for date/time Y axis (@tomerben)
b5a4a6b #979: Feature: Add CLI to edit group permissions (@ninneko)
6d495d2 #1014: Add server-side parameter handling for embeds (@whummer)
5255804 #1091: Add caching for queries used in embeds (@whummer)


0314313 #1149: Presto QueryRunner supports tinyint and smallint (@toru-takahashi)
8fa6fdb #1030: Make sure data sources list ordered by id (@arikfr)
8df822e #1141: Make create data source button more prominent (@arikfr)
96dd811 #1127: Mark basic_auth_password as secret (@adamlwgriffiths)
ad65391 #1130: Improve Slack notification style (@AntoineAugusti)
df637e3 #1116: Return meaningful error when there is no cached result. (@arikfr)
65635ec #1102: Switch to HipChat V2 API (@arikfr)
14fcf01 #1072: Remove counter from the tasks Done tab (as it always shows 50). #1047 (@arikfr)
1a1160e #1062: DynamoDB: Better exception handling (@arikfr)
ed45dcb #1044: Improve vagrant flow (@staritza)
8b5dc8e #1036: Add optional block for more scripts in template (@arikfr)


dbd48e1 #1143: Fix: use the email input type where needed (@ariarijp)
7445972 #1142: Fix: dates in filters might be duplicated (@arikfr)
5d0ed02 #1140: Fix: Hive should use the enabled variable (@arikfr)
392627d #1139: Fix: Impala data source referencing wrong variable (@arikfr)
c5bfbba #1133: Fix: query scrolling issues (@vishesh92)
c01d266 #1128: Fix: visualization options not updating after changing type (@arikfr)
6bc0e7a #1126: Fix #669: save fails when doing partial save of new query (@arikfr)
3ce27b9 #1118: Fix: remove alerts for archived queries (@arikfr)
4fabaae #1117: Fix #1052: filter not working for date/time values (@arikfr)
c107c94 #1077: Fix: install needed dependencies to use Hive in Docker image (@nabilblk)
abc790c #1115: Fix: allow non integers in alert reference value (@arikfr)
4ec473c #1110: Fix #1109: mixed group permissions resulting in wrong permission (@arikfr)
1ca5262 #1099: Fix RST syntax for links (@adamlwgriffiths)
daa6c1c #1096: Fix typo in env variable VERSION_CHECK (@AntoineAugusti)
cd06d27 #1095: Fix: use create_query permission for new query button. (@ordd)
2bc0b27 #1061: Fix: area chart stacking doesn't work (@machira)
8c21e91 #1108: Remove potnetially concurrency not safe code form enqueue_query (@arikfr)
e831218 #1084: Fix #1049: duplicate alerts when data source belongs to multiple groups (@arikfr)
6edb0ca #1080: Fix typo (@jeffwidman)
64d7538 #1074: Fix: ElasticSearch wasn't using correct type names (@toyama0919)
3f90dd9 #1064: Fix: old task trackers were not really removed (@arikfr)
e10ecd2 #1058: Bring back filters if dashboard filters are enabled (@AntoineAugusti)
701035f #1059: Fix: DynamoDB having issues when setting host (@arikfr)
2924d4f #1040: Small fixes to visualizations view (@arikfr)
fec0d5f #1037: Fix: multi filter wasn't working with __ syntax (@dheerajrav)
b066ce4 #1033: Fix: only ask for notification permissions if wasn't denied (@arikfr)
960c416 #1032: Fix: make sure we return dashboards only for current org only (@arikfr)
b3844d3 #1029: Hive: close connection only if it exists (@arikfr)


6bb09d8 #1146: Docs: add a link to settings documentation. (@adamlwgriffiths)
095e759 #1103: Docs: add section about monitoring (@AntoineAugusti)
e942486 #1090: Contributing Guide (@arikfr)
3037c4f #1066: Docs: command type-o fix. (@edwardsharp)
2ee0065 #1038: Add an ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md to direct people at the forum (@arikfr)
f7322a4 #1021: Vagrant docs: add purging the cache step (@ariarijp)



@arikfr arikfr released this May 22, 2016

This is a hotfix release, that includes #1064 (Fix: old task trackers were not removed). This is a recommended upgrade for all 0.10.0 users, as without it Redis's memory usage will keep growing without any limit.



@arikfr arikfr released this Apr 29, 2016

This is a really packed release, that was almost 2 months in the making. The highlight of this release is probably the new design/UX improvements (see screenshots) but also includes:

  • Shared/public dashboards: you can now generate a secret link, that allows access to a single dashboard (similar to how shareable links work for Google Docs).
  • Dashboards the user doesn't have access to any of their widgets are no longer shown to him.
  • New admin views to show currently executing queries.
  • DynamoDB support.
  • Better full screen view for dashboards.
  • Ability to receive a password reset link by email.
  • Improvements and fixes to the InfluxDB, TreasureData, Impala, Vertica , Sqlite and MongoDB query runners.
  • Documentation improvements and more.

As always I would like to thank all who contributed to this release: @machira, @gseva, @AntoineAugusti, @tdawber, @groveriffic, @alexanderlz, @tsibley, @erans, @toru-takahashi, @ink-adavison, @ChiragKParmar, @jkatsnelson, @seanauriti, @staritza, @kasajei, @kirikiriyamama and @jeffwidman.

Changes since v0.9.2.b1536:


d331285 #980: Add environment variable to override secure_flag on session cookie (@machira)
1f824fc #957: Hide dashboards that current user cannot see based on his groups (@gseva)
ff93369 #1002: Feature: record events for embed and shared dashboard open (@arikfr)
30227f4 #856: Feature: running queries monitor (@arikfr)
c17ba03 #992: Small UI fixes (@arikfr)
3761999 #991: Improvements to Plotly.js integration (@arikfr)
235109c #984: New design 🎉 and UX improvements! (@arikfr)
c7f2217 #988: Feature: add CLI to invite user (@AntoineAugusti)
6cc2cf7 #987: Feature: ability to change logo (@AntoineAugusti)
748f6e4 #983: Add link to embeds to open query page in new window (@tdawber)
d78ef8f #974: Add support for using Redis via unix socket (@arikfr)
0c6317c #973: Small updates to data sources (friendlier name for MySQL, and ability to disable query runners) (@arikfr)
2308a3a #972: Feature: allow toggling dashboard full screen from URL (@arikfr)
39315db #962: InfluxDB: Added support for multiple queries and tags (@groveriffic)
d83dfc9 #934: Feature: DynamoDB DQL query runner (@alexanderlz)
ba3013a #883: Support for REMOTE_USER authentication (@tsibley)
ea57175 #935: Feature: allow forwarding events to a webhook (@arikfr)
9e6e913 #928: Add extension points to override frontend elements (@arikfr)
e0ad3ee #925: Feature: password reset & invite links functionality. (@arikfr)
5a222be #926: Python query runner: make max and min functions available to the scripts (@erans)
f8a8928 #922: Allow existing users sign in with Google Apps even if they are not from an allowed domain (@arikfr)
dd5c186 #920: Feature: MongoDB - add support for $date and relative dates. (@arikfr)
2f35c1e #918: Several improvements to query runners: (@arikfr)
7c0c189 #910: Better full screen support (@arikfr)
a1a73a1 #888: Improve TreasureData query runner (@toru-takahashi)
536d759 #906: Feature: public dashboards (@arikfr)


b73fdf1 #1003: Fix #986: search might return duplicate queries (@arikfr)
c80728c #978: Fix #958: group members/datasources were cached. (@arikfr)
b0ea6b0 #970: Use ng-if instead of ng-show for schema (@arikfr)
93c663d #963: Fix "http directive is not allowed here" on Ubuntu and Amazon Linux (@ink-adavison)
f6f9dac #960: When opening a query page, don't automatically execute it (@arikfr)
52902c3 #959: Fix: show browser notification only when page is hidden (@arikfr)
5e22576 #956: Fix: adapt Impala query runner for new configuration (@arikfr)
0dfbe6f #947: Fix: permissions migration was changing default's group type (@arikfr)
70e2b5d #938: Fix: event reporting breaks when using ApiUser. (@arikfr)
e75c3c6 #927: Fix: format API not working for non default organization (@arikfr)
e60caf8 #919: Fix: schema fetching for Vertica & SQLite was broken (fix #916) (@alexanderlz)
0e70980 #909: Fix #908: updating configuration without secrets was failing (@arikfr)


2655eec #997: Additional documentation (@AntoineAugusti)
874793e #977: Adding two badges for better visibility. (@ChiragKParmar)
6e440d8 #911: Docs: Docker compose instructions (@jkatsnelson)
8b4e322 #952: Update upgrade.rst (@seanauriti)
70a5ffd #939: Docs: Fix command to restart the web server (@AntoineAugusti)


869c060 #1017: Add data source to default group when creating with CLI (@arikfr)
7b5d16e #1005: Update bootstrap.sh to include saml dependency (@staritza)
0d9faa8 #964: Allow passing branch name to bootstrap.sh (@ink-adavison)
a66ac84 #951: Fixes URL for Github Release (@seanauriti)
0023961 #941: Fix install command for freetds-devel on amazon_linux (@kasajei)
5885cd9 #940: Nginx configuration: hide version (@kirikiriyamama)
56b3675 #923: Setup Sentry to catch error logs (@arikfr)
079ae09 #917: Restructure the Flask app (@arikfr)
d8b1131 #921: Additional events and information (@arikfr)
b0b9cd9 #912: redash static assets path should be pointed at dist, not app (@jkatsnelson)
b4b2bb8 #902: Make create_database script executable (@jeffwidman)
399b7ad #901: Docker: fix docker-compose env variables in example (@jeffwidman)
feadf88 #894: Dockerfile: use redash's docker-hub nginx image (@jeffwidman)
bf55d2f #895: Use redash's docker-hub redash image (@jeffwidman)
aec5f78 #893: Fix YAML syntax error due to missing spaces (@jeffwidman)



@arikfr arikfr released this Mar 6, 2016

Changes since v0.9.1.b1377:


8f937b7 #850: Kibana: add support for limiting # of results returned (toyama0919)
8747d0e #872: MongoDB: support for count queries (Eran Sandler)
43ac560 #873: Feature: print layout for dashboards (Arik Fraimovich)
d744421 #844: Encapsulate data sources configuration logic in an object (Arik Fraimovich)
6ec4c4c #840: Improve layout of download links (Arik Fraimovich)
b462869 #833: Feature: download Excel file link from dashboard. (toyama0919)
3a5d59c #839: Feature: add API to trigger query refresh and support for parameters. (Arik Fraimovich)
e705ede #838: Python query runner -- added access to sorted and reversed functions (Eran Sandler)
a50ae19 #823: Feature: Button toggle to display dashboard in at full screen width (Matt Sochor)
65f81c4 #831: Feature: download results in Excel (XSLX) format (closes #801) (yohei.naruse)
0730ed8 #827: Feature: pivot tables are now regular visualizations that can be saved (Arik Fraimovich)
27c3fee #808: Feature: Microsoft SQL Server query runner (Joe Harris)
76ee886 #777: Treat query errors as expected errors (Arik Fraimovich)
4f0b18b #776: Friendlier error messages for BigQuery query errors (Arik Fraimovich)


bac4025 #882: CLI: Restore ability to pass JSON options string for a new data source (Thomas Sibley)
4a280ee #877: Correct Ubuntu Bootstrap.sh to a working Base URL (ink-adavison)
30b97e3 #854: Minors fixes for MongoDB and Python query runners (Eran Sandler)
8688b1c #864: Fix: data source loaded without properties (Arik Fraimovich)
3328de3 #863: Fix: properly show date/time in filters (Arik Fraimovich)
27faf8f #849: Fix: Presto - deduplicate column names (Colin Dellow)
3a27955 #853: Fix #851: embed doesn't load due to missing module. (Arik Fraimovich)
db59b34 #852: Small fixes for new ConfigurationContainer use (Alex DeBrie)
8682633 #829: Fix: Plot.ly was given wrong timestamp (Arik Fraimovich)
a96d135 #828: Fix #797: user redirected to homepage when changing permission type (Arik Fraimovich)
d1cf376 #826: Fix #802: switching to/from query source view resets chart colors (Arik Fraimovich)
dad7b22 #825: Fix: sorting X values in charts had no effect (Arik Fraimovich)
253c4fd #821: Fix embed URL & move logic into a directive (Arik Fraimovich)
a894f03 #815: Fix CLI issues with recent version (Arik Fraimovich)
3fa143c #813: Fix shellcheck issues in bootstrap.sh scripts (Olli Jarva)
4e9b60a #794: Fixes for #792, #785, #733 and additional logging for execute_query (Arik Fraimovich)
8120158 #782: Fix: Empty cells in google sheets displayed as datetime values #768 (Shyamgopal Kundapurkar)
bd7b60d #784: Fix json serialization for datetime.timedelta, closes #783 (Ivan Babrou)


caf0734 #855: Docs: document settings.py (Scott Reynen)
a26da3a #846: Add link to dev environment documentation. (Scott Reynen)
cbb84ae #786: Docs: instructions for compressed backup. (John Connell)
80c03a5 #787: Docs: Updated links to Google's documentation about creating a service account (John Connell)
77e2d5d #790: Docs: fix a typo in backup instructions (tknzk)


dec3054 #867: Fix non-standard indentation to conventional four spaces (Jeff Widman)
4c5d2f1 #866: Fix whitespace issues (Jeff Widman)
1a9059f #865: Replace deprecated flask.ext.* with flask_* (Jeff Widman)
f219d20 #857: Fix typo: completly => completely (Jeff Widman)
2440a83 #835: Ubuntu bootstrap script - move update before upgrade (Benjamin Manns)
262ebb3 #820: Switch to Gulp from Grunt for faster builds (Arik Fraimovich)
78ba6f2 #781: Amazon Linux bootstrap script: check nginx default directory (David Lin)