@arikfr arikfr released this Apr 2, 2017 · 1583 commits to master since this release

This is the final release for v1 🎉 (tagged as v1.0.1 to trigger new version notification for the RC versions users).

Full CHANGELOG for this release. If you're upgrading from a pre-v1.0 version, checkout the CHANGELOG for previous releases as well (RC2, RC1).

If you were using the MULTI_ORG or ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS options, then they are currently not supported but planned to be supported in the next release.

If you're upgrading to this version from pre v1.0.0 release, before upgrading, please make sure to do the following changes to your /opt/redash/.env file:

  1. If you have local PostreSQL database, you will need to update the URL from postgresql://redash to postgresql:///redash.
  2. Remove the REDASH_STATIC_ASSETS_PATH definition.

Make sure to complete these changes before doing the actual upgrade.

We have a new upgrade script that supports multiple release channels. To deploy this version run: sudo upgrade.

You can upgrade to v1.0.0 and later only from v0.12.0, so if you have an older version, run: sudo upgrade --channel legacy first and then sudo upgrade.