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Setup scripts for Redash Cloud Images
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Setup script for Redash with Docker on Ubuntu 18.04.

This is a reference setup for Redash on a single Ubuntu 18.04 server, which uses Docker and Docker Compose for deployment and management.

This is the same setup we use for our official images (for AWS & Google Cloud) and can be used as reference if you want to manually setup Redash in a different environment (different OS or different deployment location).

  • is the script that installs everything and creates the directories.
  • docker-compose.yml is the Docker Compose setup we use.
  • packer.json is Packer configuration we use to create the Cloud images.


Can I use this in production?

For small scale deployments -- yes. But for larger deployments we recommend at least splitting the database (and probably Redis) into its own server (preferably a managed service like RDS) and setting up at least 2 servers for Redash for redundancy. You will also need to tweak the number of workers based on your usage patterns.

How do I upgrade to newer versions of Redash?

See Upgrade Guide.

How do I use on a different operating system?

You will need to update the install_docker function and maybe other functions as well.

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