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Redash Website and Knowledge Base

We use Gatsby as our static site generator. The website is built and hosted with Netlify.

Updating contributors data file

yarn fetch-contributors > website/_data/contributors.json

Website development

Gatsby Installed Locally

This seems to depend on Node v10. Until the dependencies updated to support newer versions of Node, you can use the Docker setup.

To start Gatsby in development mode and serve the the website on http://localhost:8000 use:

yarn run develop

If you prefer Gatsby listen on an interface or IP address other than localhost, use:

yarn run develop -H ip_address

For example:

yarn run develop -H

Using a DNS name in place of an IP address will also work, assuming the DNS entry resolves to an IP address on the local machine. This can be achieved through editing your /etc/hosts.

Docker Setup

First install dependencies:

docker-compose run --rm gatsby install

On first run, it will build the Docker image we're using. Once the Node modules were installed, you can run the following to start the dev server:

docker-compose up -d

This will run gatsby develop in the Docker container in the background, listening on http://localhost:8000. The first time you run this command it might take a few moments for Gatsby to compile the website. You can check progress by tailing the logs:

docker-compose logs -f

You can edit the project locally and the changes will be reflected inside the Docker container.


Redash homepage and Knowledge Base




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