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Routing and connection management for Redis in Python
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rb - the redis blaster.

The fastest way to talk to many redis nodes. Can do routing as well as blindly blasting commands to many nodes. How does it work?

For full documentation see


Set up a cluster:

from rb import Cluster

cluster = Cluster({
    0: {'port': 6379},
    1: {'port': 6380},
    2: {'port': 6381},
    3: {'port': 6382},
}, host_defaults={
    'host': '',

Automatic routing:

results = []
with as client:
    for key in range(100):
        client.get(key).then(lambda x: results.append(int(x or 0)))

print 'Sum: %s' % sum(results)


with cluster.fanout(hosts=[0, 1, 2, 3]) as client:
    infos =

Fanout to all:

with cluster.fanout(hosts='all') as client:
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