A command line utility to work with Sentry.
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This is a Sentry command line client for some generic tasks. Right now this is primarily used to upload debug symbols to Sentry if you are not using the fastlane tools.

Binaries can be found under Releases

You can also install it with everybody's favorite curl to bash::

curl -sL https://sentry.io/get-cli/ | bash

Documentation can be found here


In case you want to compile this yourself you need to build this with Rust 1.15. If it's not stable yet, anything after beta 3 will work.

Use rustup to compile:

$ rustup override set beta
$ cargo build

In case you get OpenSSL errors you need to compile with the path to the OpenSSL headers. For instance:

$ CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include/ cargo build