An extension for Sentry which allows creation various web hooks.
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An extension for Sentry that adds support for creating various web hooks.

This extension is now bundled as part of Sentry 7.3.0 and is no longer maintained


Install the package via pip:

pip install sentry-webhooks

You can now configure webhooks via the plugin configuration panel within your project.

Callback Receivers

Your callback will receive a POST request whenever there is a new event, with the following data as JSON:

  "id": "27379932",
  "project": "project-slug",
  "project_name": "Project Name",
  "culprit": "raven.scripts.runner in main",
  "level": "error",
  "url": "",
  "checksum": "c4a4d06bc314205bb3b6bdb612dde7f1",
  "logger": "root",
  "message": "This is an example Python exception",
  "event": {
    "extra": {},
    "sentry.interfaces.Stacktrace": {
      "frames": [
          // stacktrace information
    "tags": [
      ["foo", "bar"],
    "sentry.interfaces.User": {
      // user information
    "sentry.interfaces.Http": {
      // HTTP request information