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* Deprecated the Sentry client, and added Raven to the as the default builtin.
* Removed Highstock and replaced it with an awesome OPEN SOURCE alternative, jQuery Flot.
* Default Sentry server options should now work out of the box.
* Packaged Google Web Font as part of Sentry.
* Fixed infinite loop.
* Stabilize migration schema (solves problem with index creation fail introduced in 1.12.0).
* Adjusted message_id to include the checksum to avoid situations were the message_id
that was generated did not exist due to sampling.
* Several design improvements for group/message details panes.
* Fixed a bug that was causing exception summary to not show.
* Cleaned up message and group details pages (adding back some missing information).
* Cleaned up some design around odd margins/padding.
* Fixed a bug that would cause the admin (and potentially other modules) to get loaded multiple times.
* Added license headers.
* Removed ``sentry.helpers`` and ``sentry.routers``.
* Global module versions are now cached to avoid continuous path walking and
import overhead.
* Fixed an issue that was causing servers to show logger names.
* You can now pass ``extra={'stack': True}`` to logging methods to capture
the current frames and their locals.
* Code refactoring in various places related to stack extraction.
* Denormalized graph data in MessageCountByMinute (stores at 5m intervals).
* Denormalized filter counts into MessageFilterValue
* Added message sampling (adapted from Yuri Baburov's patch).
* Added SENTRY_MAIL_LEVEL setting.
* Added the ``level`` argument to the cleanup command.
* The thrashed key is now set correctly in request.sentry.
* Added user information to all messages that have ``request``.
* Changed the hashing function for messages that include
stacktraces to ignore the ``message`` and line numbers.
* Much improved test coverage.
* Load the Frequency chart asynchronously.
* Frequency chart no longer shows for SQLite.
* Switch graphing library to Highstock from Highcharts.
* Ensure dictionary keys are coerced to strings.
* Fixed path to missing_permissions.html.
* Safely handle unpickling objects that may not have been stored in a
valid format.
* Changed ``sentry cleanup`` to use a range query.
* Added "Clear Feed" option.
* Version information will be read from pkg_resources if possible.
* Cleared up documentation on configuration settings..
* Performance improvements to ``Client.send()``.
* Added default 404/500 pages.
* Added support for Django's LOGIN_URL setting.
* Fixed a memory leak in the client (thanks to Ben Bangert).
* Reverted change which required distribute.
* Cleaned up configuration defaults.
* Include in the MANIFEST to ship it in sdists.
* Corrected an issue which was causing certain settings (like WEB_HOST) to
not take affect in custom configuration files.
* The Sentry server will now pull in default server settings, as well as
~/.sentry/ if --config is not passed to it.
* Fixed a bug which caused thrashing prevention to not function correctly.
* Corrected an error in transform()'s recursion safety.
* Changed packaging to use Distribute.
* Pulled test suite out of the Sentry namespace to avoid conflicts in projects.
* Added missing invalid_message_id template.
* Fixed an error that was causing LOG_LEVELS to not display correctly.
* The Sentry base client will now pass along the timestamp from when the
message was generated.
* Fixed a case where the client may hit a transaction aborted error when
transforming variables.
* Added several settings which were Django specific so that they can be
configured isolated to the Sentry instance.
* Graceful failover for when a cache backend isnt working properly and
throttling is enabled.
* Better rendering of non-dict variables when passed within extra data.
* Graceful failover for searching on message_id's that aren't found.
* Refactored Sentry server to run standalone (sentry --help).
* Implemented new client/server storage API and signing methods.
* Fixed a bug where accessing __sentry__ would sometimes cause errors on
certain code paths.
* Fixed a bug with potential recursion issues.
* Fixed a bug with the storage API and unicode keys.
* Storage API has better responses when data fails to decode, or
you send a bad request.
* Documentation improvements for JSON storage API.
* All strings, lists, tuples, and sets are now shortened before sending
to the server. Iterable data structures are truncated to the first
50 items, and strings are truncated to the first 200 characters.
Both shorteners have configurable values in the settings.
* Fixed a bug that slipped through with blocktrans usage.
* Added ``score`` to ``GroupedMessage`` (schema change).
* Added ``MessageIndex`` (schema change).
* Added Async client (thanks to Yuri Baburov).
* Added support for raw_post_data (thanks to Matthew Schinckel).
* django-paging and django-indexer no longer need to be in INSTALLED_APPS.
* Added an index for GroupedMessages.times_seen.
* The ``score`` column will update atomically in PostgreSQL and MySQL.
* Added the frequency sort option.
* Better internationalization support.
* Fixed a bug with Oracle's date truncation support (changed to hh24).
* Respect TIME_ZONE by using auto_now_* on DateTimeField's.
* Tests required Haystack and Celery are now skipped if module is not found.
* Added JSON support to storage API.
* Changed default client to use JSON format.
* Fixed an issue with encoding to UTF-8 for Haystack.
* Added URLs to default search parameters.
* Fixed a bug to ensure template information is only added if its the correct loader
* Search will now show when unauthenticated (e.g. when SENTRY_PUBLIC is enabled)
* Search no longer allows filters.
* Search no longer allows arbitrary queries without Haystack.
* Added logger, level, site, server, and url to search index.
* Haystack has been updated for further flexibility.
* SearchFilter is now unused (you should update your configs).
* Moved static media into /static/.
* Added serve_static view to handle static media solely within Sentry.
* install will no longer install example_project.
* Fixed an issue where __sentry__ would be called even if it wasn't a callable.
* Fixed an issue where transactions would attempt a rollback when not managed while creating
the sort index.
* Set a last_message_id so when thrashing is hit there is still a point of reference for tracing.
* Check correct permissions for Sentry.
* Fixed a memory leak due to TextNode's being created from leading whitespace in realtime packets.
* Fixed a critical bug in the Sentry JS namespace preventing it from loading.
* LogHandler will attempt to pick up the request automatically using SentryLogMiddleware.
* Updated AJAX CSRF support for Django 1.2.5.
* request.sentry is now set in any event which has request as part of the parameters.
* Added message references (uuid's) as message_id in Message
* Fixed css compatibility issues with TextWidget
* SearchFilter now allows searching by message reference id
* Added Sentry404CatchMiddleware
* Added SentryResponseErrorIdMiddleware
* The `request` argument can now be passed into any create_from_ method.
(History beyond 1.6.0 is not present)
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