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@@ -4,6 +4,11 @@ Command Line Usage
Sentry installs a command line script under the name ``sentry``. This will allow you to
perform most required operations that are unachievable within the web UI.
+If you're using a non-standard configuration location, you'll need to prefix every command with
+--config (excluding init, which is a special case). For example::
+ sentry --config=/etc/ help
For a list of commands, you can also use ``sentry help``, or ``sentry [command] --help``
for help on a specific command.
@@ -23,6 +28,9 @@ Builtin Commands
sentry init /etc/
+ .. note:: The init command requires you to pass the configuration value as the parameter whereas other
+ commands require you to use --config for passing the location of this file.
.. data:: start [services]
Starts a Sentry service. By default this value is 'http'.

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