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Centralized test reporting and monitoring service
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_assets_src Add favicon source Nov 1, 2017
_lib Remove bower Apr 3, 2019
_sample_suites Fix sample suite Feb 19, 2018
api-server Convert api-server to Rust 2018 Jan 8, 2019
conf.d Create a conf.d directory for development Dec 31, 2015
docker Remove bower Apr 3, 2019
docs Add ElasticSearch sync (closes #316) Apr 11, 2018
etc Separate API and UI backends (closes #466) Dec 16, 2018
migrations Add is_fatal indication for errors (closes #563) May 30, 2019
scripts Add UI version to footer Apr 10, 2019
tests Support creating replication with different index names (closes #401) Jun 6, 2019
webapp INFRADEV-12695: Fix pagination in subject view Aug 1, 2019
.dockerignore Add API Monitor/server in Rust Nov 2, 2018
.gitignore Move to use pipenv Oct 25, 2018
.mergify.yml Add mergify YAML Aug 28, 2018
.pylintrc Proxy users now generate activity for the users they impersonate (closes Mar 24, 2019
.travis.yml Avoid shallow clones to fix Travis tag fetching Mar 21, 2019 Update Aug 6, 2019 Use docker for deployment Mar 21, 2017
Makefile Remove bower Apr 3, 2019
Pipfile Fix pipfile Nov 2, 2018
bors.toml Increase bors timeout Mar 24, 2019 Separate API and UI backends (closes #466) Dec 16, 2018
pytest.ini Optimize unit tests - don't drop db betewen tests Jul 15, 2015


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Backslash is a centralized service for tracking execution of automated tests.


Backslash is distributed under the BSD 3-clause license.

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