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Manage your deployments without leaving Slack
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SlashDeploy Roadmap

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SlashDeploy helps your team manage deployments without leaving Slack. It's powered by GitHub and additionally brings you these awesome features:

  • Simple deployments - Enable anybody in your team to deploy faster without leaving Slack.
  • Continuous deployment - List the auto-deploy branches to automatically deploy changes.
  • Commit status checks - Ensure broken deployments never reach your users.
  • Environment locks - Prevent others from accidentally deploying to a shared environment.
  • Plain text configuration - Manage your deployment configuration alongside your code.
  • Backed by GitHub Deployment API - Gain full control over your data and infrastructure.

This repo is our public roadmap where you can request features, report bugs or send any feedback you wish 🤗


Just skim over our current issues and open a new one if you don't find anything.

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